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What is UI adaptation in SAP Fiori?

Jyoti Pandey || 06 Jan 2016 4:23 pm || 1

Hello Experts,

May I know that What is UI adaptation in Fiori and all the HANA 1511 apps support the UI adaptation mode or not?

Kindly assist here, thanks in advance.


  • 06 Jan 2016 4:23 pm Best Answer

    Adaptation concept is to allow users to apply changes for screen fields at runtime for SAP FIORI apps without changing code, For ex : remove field , changing the order of the field , changing labels etc,.....Adaptation concept is similar to PERSONALIZATION in webdynpro ... To enable apps for Runtime Adaptation, you use SmartForm controls. Only these controls can be edited in Runtime Adaptation as developer and they must have stable IDs. Runtime Adaptation uses stable IDs to ensure that the changes made by the key user are preserved and can be applied again, for example after the app is upgraded. Stable IDs are based on SAPUI5 static IDs and, to prevent inconsistencies or errors, must not be changed.