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Course Details


 SAP FICO – Financial and Controlling

SAP Version ECC 6.0

Duration: 40-45 hrs

Online Training - Course Content

Financial Accounting                                                           

Basic Settings

·         Define Company

·         Company code

·         Business Area

·         Fiscal year variant

·         Posting Period Variant

·         Field Status Variant

·         Document Types and Number Ranges.                                     

General Ledger (GL)

·         Chart of accounts

·         Account Groups

·         Define Retained Earning Account

·         GL Master Creation

·         Blocking / Un-Blocking of a GL Account

·         Delete gl account

·     Tolerance Group for Employees and GL A/C’S

End user Area

·         G/L Document Posting

·         Holding a document

·         Parking a Document

·         Display Balance

·         Display of the line items

·         Reference Document:

          i.   Sample Document

         ii. Recurring document

·         Document Reversal

a.        Normal Reversal

b.       Mass Reversal

·         Currency translation

Accounts Payable: (5)

·   Vendor Account Groups

·   No. Range Creation & Assignment

·   Assign no range to vendor account group

·   Vendor Master Data

·   Terms of payment

·   Invoice Posting

·   Credit memo

·   Parking & holding

·   Balance Display

      i.  FBL1N

      ii. FK10N

·   Reference documents

       i.  Recurring document

      ii.  Sample document

·   Payment Posting

·         Manual Open Item clearing

    i.   Full Clearing

    ii. Partial Clearing

   iii. Residual Clearing

·   Automatic Payment Program

·         House Banks:

       i. House Banks Master Data

      ii. Bank Account Creation

     iii. Check Details Creation Document Reversal

     iv. Individual reversal

    v.   Reset cleared item

    vi.  Mass Reversal

·   Down Payment Posting

·   Cash discount received

·   Settlement between customer & vendor

Accounts Receivable (3)

·         Customer Account Groups

·         No. Range Creation & Assignment

·         Customer Master Data

·         AR-Invoice

·         Credit memo

·         Parking & holding

·         Balance Display

       i.    FBLN

      ii.    FD10N

Reference documents

          i.   Recurring document

         ii.   Sample document

·         Reversal

 i.      Individual reversal

 ii.      Mass reversal

 iii.      Document reset

·         Incoming Payment

·         Dunning Program

·         Bills of exchange  

Taxes: (2)

·         Taxes on Sales & Purchases

·         Withholding Taxes

Asset Management (Asset Accounting) (5)

·         Copy Reference Chart of Depreciation/Depreciation Areas

·         Assign Chart of Depreciation to Company Code

·         Specifying Account Determination

·         Create Screen Layout Rules

·         Define Number Range Interval

·         Define Asset Classes

·         Assign G/L Accounts

·         Specify Document Type for Posting of Depreciation

·         Specify Intervals and Posting Rules

·         Specify Rounding of Net Book Value and/or Depreciation

·         Define Base Methods

·         Define Declining-Balance Methods

·         Define Maximum Amount Methods

·         Define Multi-Level Methods

·         Maintain Period Control Methods

·         Maintain Depreciation Key

·         Define Screen Layout for Asset Master Data

·         Define Screen Layout for Asset Depreciation Areas

·         Creation of Asset Master

·         Asset Acquisitions

·         Asset Retirements

·         Asset Transfers

·         Asset Scraping

·         Asset Reports

·         Depreciation Running 

Management  Accounting (CONTROLLING)

1. Basic Setting:

Ø  Controlling Overview

Ø  Controlling Area Definition

Ø  Activate Component

Ø  Assign Company Code to Controlling Area

Ø  Assign Number ranges to Controlling Area

Ø  No. Range Creation Version Maintenance

Ø  Maintain Co Version

2. Cost Element Accounting:

Ø  Creation of Cost Elements

Ø  Grouping of Cost Elements

Ø  Automatic Cost Element Creation

3.Cost Center Accounting:

Ø  Cost Center Accounting Basic setting

Ø  Cost center Accounting Standard Hierarchy

Ø  Creation of Cost Centers

Ø  Grouping Of Cost Centers

Ø  Set Planner Profile

Ø  Activity types  

Ø  Reposting

Ø  Assessment Cycle

Ø  Distribution Cycle

Ø  Reports for Cost Center Wise

4. Profit Center Accounting

Ø  PCA Basic Settings

Ø  Profit Center Master Data

Ø  Assignment in Profit Center Accounting

Ø  PCA Planning

Ø  Profit Center Creation

Ø  Account group creation ( kdh1)

Ø Define Document Types & No. Ranges Center

Ø Assignment of Remove Elements to Profit     

Ø Assignment of B/S Items Three Derivation Rules

Ø Planning by Profit Center wise

Ø Display plan, Actual, Variance Repots

5. Internal Order:

Ø  Internal order Types

Ø  Master Data

Ø  Tolerance Limits For Internal order

Ø  Internal order Creation

Ø  Planning for Internal Order

ü  REPORTS: Reports for GL, AP, AR, AA (fsv)

ü  Cash journal

ü  New GL Concept.

ü  Real Time Issues.  

FI_MM and FI_SD Integration

Base customizations (Definitions)

Ø  Define Plant

Ø  Copy, check delete division

Ø  Maintain storage location

Ø  Maintain Purchase organization

Ø  Copy check delete sales organisation

Ø  Define Distribution channel

Ø  Maintain sales office

Ø  Define Shipping Point

Ø  Define credit control area


Ø  Assign plant to cocd

Ø  Assign Business area & division

Ø  Assign purchase organization to cocd

Ø  Assign purchase organization to plant

Ø  Assign sales organization to cocd

Ø  Assign distribution channel to sales organization

Ø  Assign division to sales organization

Ø  Setup sales area

Ø  Assign sales office to sales area

Ø  Assign sales organization to distribution channel & plant

Ø  Assign cocd to credit control area

Ø  Assign sales area to credit control area

Ø  Assign shipping point to plant


 Material Master


Ø  Maintain cocd for material master

Ø   Define attributes to material types

Ø  Create purchase groups

Ø  Set tolerance limit for price variance

Ø  Maintain Plant parameters

Ø   Set tolerance limit

Ø   Define Valuation control

Ø  Group together valuation area

Ø  Define valuation classes

Ø  Define account grouping for movement types

Ø  Creation of accounts groups for inventory and GR/IR accts

Ø  Create gl accounts

Ø  Configure automatic postings

Ø  Maintain default values for tax-codes

Ø  Configure vendor-specific tolerances

Ø  Vendor master data creation (XK01)


End-User Area



Ø  Create Material (MM01)

Ø  Purchase order (ME21N)

Ø   Goods Receipt - MIGO

Ø   Display Material document - MB03

Ø  Stock balance (MMBE)

Ø  Invoice (MIRO)

Ø  Display vendor invoice and make payment




 Sales and Distribution


Ø  Define common Distribution Channel

Ø  Define common divisions

Ø  Define & assign pricing procedure

Ø  Define tax determination rule

Ø  Assign gl accounts

Ø  Partner functions

Ø  Define Billing types

Ø  Assign shipping points


End User Area


Ø  Create customer (XD01)

Ø  Create material(FERT)

Ø  Sales order ( VA01)

Ø  GL account assignment(OBYC)

Ø  Goods receipt(MB1C)

Ø  MB03


Ø  Outbound delivery (VL01N)

Ø  Create Billing doc (VF01)

Ø  Check balance to be received

Ø  Receive payment(f-28)


Other Information

Course Fee: Not Mentioned

Course Duration: Not Mentioned

Placement Provided: No


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