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Ways for Synchronization of OM and PA

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Ways for Synchronization of OM and PA

The values for PSA(persistent staging area), EG, ESG that you just place in PLOG (personnel planning) area unit just there for the aim of creating default suggestions in PA (personal administration) once you rent  someone , amendment their position etc. These values don't seem to be meant to be automatically reflected on/integrated to the PLOG (personnel planning)/aspect, and no RHINTE-report would fix this. Name amendment will be reflected the PLOG (personnel planning)/SPLIT switch that Liran mentioned, and programming “RHINTE30”.

Authorization objects changes you to advanced authorizations by grouping to another 10 authorization fields in and relationships to be checked if a user has privilege to do some kind of action. If you want to check the authorization for specific fields in the “Personnel Management” Components using authorization objects are called as PLOG (personnel planning).

If you're employed within the manner that once someone changes e.g.  Persistent Staging Area (PSA) on OM (Organizational management) aspect this will be automatically reflected in “PA (personal administration)” you wish to code a notification or a work flow to sure individuals associate degreed have them run an action.

If you want to store data from the source systems in the SAP business Information Warehouse as inbound storage area for data that area is known to be Persistent Staging Area(PSA) and the requested data will be saved, unchanged from the supply system.

The date you requested will be stored  within the structure format in clear , computer database tables with in the business data warehouse, The data information will not be amend , that means there will be no summarization  or transformations.

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