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Webdynpro Application IWP_WD_RESHEDULE_JOB_OIF does not Exist

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Webdynpro Application IWP_WD_RESHEDULE_JOB_OIF does not Exist

When you choose "Restart extraction job" from NWBC ILM Administration cockpit for particular Audit Package, you receive an error

"Web Dynpro application IWP_WD_RESHEDULE_JOB_OIF does not exist".

Follow below manual activity in your customizing client:

1. Call ttransaction LPD_CUST

2. Double click on Role ILM_WP and continue

3. Click on "BI Reporting-Reshedule Job" on the left panel

4. Maintain below value:

Application Parameters:


5. Click on "Hide Advanced(Optional) Parameters" and maintain below value:

Application-Related Parameters:


6. Save and if you want to make it transportable go to Launchpad menu and choose Transport and save it under a Customizing request.

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