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Cutover Activities followed for PP Module?

I am listing some cut over activities to be followed (for PP - Discrete Manufacturing).

Production Planning / Master data:
For Production planning, only master data shall be migrated to SAP. In the 1st Stage, there is no master data. Following is the master data elements relevant for PP:

- Bill of materials
- Routing.
- Work Centres.

Transaction data:
As of the cut off date, ideally there should not be any work in process. All the open production orders should be closed and semi finished goods should be dismantled and should be added to Raw materials. This strategy should be followed for all production orders where lead time to complete the production order is not large.

Since, the production orders are for longer duration and it is not possible to dismantle the product and add it to inventory, following can be the strategy for migrating the data to SAP:

- Create a material master for the work in process and set the standard price as the cost incurred for that product (ie. Work in process)
- Create a bill of material (which will be used only for this production order) including this material and other materials still to be consumed.
- Create Routing for rest of the production process.
- Bring the work in process material into inventory as of the cut off date.
- Create the production orders in SAP for the Work in process and issue materials to production order.

Complete the production process after the cut off date of the project.


  • 05 Jun 2008 6:13 am Guest
    can any one explain how to change the quantity of a material in production order.
  • 12 Apr 2010 6:58 am Guest
    dear friend,

    go to co02 transiction in that level go to components overview to change qty of respective header level.....