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Why MWST is used as Condition Type in Pricing Procedure?

Updated May 18, 2018

Good Morning. I have one doubt re Tax. In Tax procedure for country, We are giving MWAS as a Condition Type, which is linked to Access Sequence MWST.

My doubt is that why MWST is used as Condition Type in Pricing Procedure.
and why we use 2 different Condition Types in Pricing Procedure and Tax Procedure for Output Tax?

Pls clarify my doubt.


  • 04 Jun 2014 9:09 am Guest Helpful Answer

    Tax Code in Customer Master / Sales Order

    How can we maintain the Tax Code (Tax code - which we maintain in MWST Condtion Records) in Customer Master or in Sales Order?

    There are few points which I would like to remind you:

    1) MWST is a tax condition which is applied to customer to whom we are selling. The rate of tax is depend on various parameteres, whether is fully liable for tax or expemted (in case of Defence Customer)

    2) There are few parameteres which we apply tax condition. Whether customer is tax liable? Whether material is tax exempted? 

    For example, if you are selling a goods which are free for tax to any customer, put the Tax Indicator (at MMR as '0'). If your  
    material is tax liable pur the Tax Indicator (at MMR as 1). If your customer is not liable for tax at all (like the case of Indian  
    Defence organisations) put the Tax Indicator (at CMR as 0) or 1 in case fully tax liable.

    3) Now, at VK11 you need to mainatain your pricning conditions with all the combinations like:

    1 0 
    1 1 
    0 1 
    0 0

    4) While maintaining your Material Master Records or Cusotmer Master Records, you must identify, which are tax liable and which are tax exempeted.

    5) In anycase, as a SAP standard Best Practises, while processing a sales order, you must retrieve a Tax condition record from SAP database only and not entered Manually. Accordingly, at V/06, the MWST condition Defintions, the field for 'Manual Entries', it would be marked as - D (Not possible to process Manually).

    Due to this setting, normally, you cannot maintain Condition tax code during sales order processing. And in Cusotmer Master, you can only maintain Tax Indicator and not Tax Code.

    6) In case your client insists for Manual entry of Tax code during Sales Order processing, you can change the field at point 5) above to C-Manual entry is priority instead of D.


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