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Work Order Cost Control

I am trying to control costs on work orders that relate to a project that is approved for a set amount.
We havent implemented PS yet, so we are using PM06 work order types to segregate those project work

I am thinking to create a work order hiearchy that settles to an internal order. But, I am not sure exactly how internal orders work.

In each equipment master related to projects assign internal order number instead of cost center. In settlement profile give settlement receiver as order instead of cost center.

So whenever you will create order aginst that equipment system will create settlement rule for Internal order.

If don't want to maintain this way then at the time of creating order you have to modify the settlement rule
and assign receiver as ORD and provide internal order number.


  • 10 Mar 2008 8:35 am Guest
  • 29 Sep 2008 2:27 am Mark
    Use the Budget Control function.
    Create a PM06 work order then assign Budget Control using transaction KO22 and set your budget cost for that specific work order.
  • 01 Dec 2008 12:16 pm Guest
    I don't think that this is the optimal solution by using KO22 and internal networks for a specific PM Order type. You can use "Release Strategies", but you put yourself up , especially if the responsible person is not there to release to PM order with PM order release constraints. If some one have a solution how to control the budget with in the SAP PM environment please let me know. To me a proper budget control measure is "DISCIPLINE". I personally don't like the idea of create a system with in SAP to control people who do not have the discipline to discipline them self. Please contact me on if you know of such solution

    have fun. danie