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SAP IdM (Identity Management)

Definition or Meaning -What is SAP IdM?

Full form or SAP IdM stands for (Identity Management), In a complex working environment today companies face challenges managing their user accounts. SAP identity management assist companies to cope in complex system to manage different identities centrally including both SAP and non SAP systems. Using workflow technology it offers authorized user information enabling self service management of user information. Organizations today are facing big challenges related to identity management. Right access to applications with respect to time and making data secured is a must for an organization to ensure. Apart from this it also has to be ensured that accessing assets of company are meeting company policies and legal resolutions.

SAP Identity Management is not expensive tool with low operational cost and high productivity. With a self service functionality of password it reduces segregation of duties and manages access to applications. Generating a self dependency it enables to track each and every task related to access and you no longer have to depend upon service or help desk for resetting passwords. Achieving compliance as per certain laws and act is one of the benefit wherein it becomes easy to track who had access to which applications when. Dealing with life cycle of user in a complex environment is another benefits of identity management avoiding security risk, minimize violation of segregation of duties and managing the process centrally.

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