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C++ is a mid-level, general-purpose and object-oriented programming language with both low and high-level programming capabilities. It is an extended version of the C language with the additional concept of 'classes'. C++ is compatible with a number of platforms like Unix, Windows, MAC OS and others. It is one of the most widely used commercial programming languages and is considered by many as one of the best languages to create large-scale applications.

Prerequisites to Learn C++

Even though there is no rule of thumb as to what one should already know before starting to learn C++, some consider an understanding of the C programming language a prerequisite for learning C++.

C++ is an object-oriented programming language while C is just a basic programming language. So, you can learn the programming concepts in the C language in a relatively easier way. C++ is a more complex language and is the superset of C. Thus, an understanding of the C language facilitates a quick and easy learning of C++.

Uses of C++

  • Web Browsers: Web applications and websites are scripted in C++. C++ is a fast and reliable language and is preferred by many developers for scripting purposes. Parts of Google and Mozilla Firefox are coded in C++.
  • Database Software: MySQL, one of the most prevalent database management softwares, has been scripted using C++. C++ is the backbone of a number of database-based tech giants like Google, Yahoo, YouTube and Wikipedia.
  • Operating Systems: C++ is an essential part of many important prevalent operating systems like Windows and Apple's OS X.
  • GUI-based Applications: Graphical User Interface-based applications like Photoshop, image Ready and Adobe Premier are scripted in C++.
  • Games: C++ is a programming language that can deal with the complexities that 3D games entail and also optimize resource management, facilitate multiplayer with networking. C++ is very fast and provides good control on hardware.
  • Compilers: The C++ language is used by many compilers like Apple C++, Clang C++, Bloodshed Dev-C++ and MINGW.

Hello World Program in C++

#include <iostream>
using namespace std;

int main()
cout << "Hello, World!";
return 0;

Does C++ Have a Future?

According to the TIOBE Index for January 2018 C++ is the 3rd most popular programming language after Java and C language respectively on 1st and 2nd. There is so much going on C++ language. VR is reviving C and C++ development because as we all know VR (Virtual Reality) games are very computationally intensive. So if anyone want to go into the VR world, C and C++ might be a very good choice, mostly with the Unreal Engine to be able to learn how to do that, which has become popular in the VR stuff, Oculus Rift and many others.


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