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Manual Testing Interview Questions

Manual Testing Interview FAQ's

1. What is Software Testing?

A: Software testing is a process where a software system is evaluated for checking its different attributes to ensure the software is up to standards for whoever will use it.

2. Why is testing done?

A: Software is tested before release as an assurance to users of its quality from the developing agency. Faults detected before release can be corrected quicker and much better than those detected after release. Also, testing saves development time, and testers can provide a different insight from the developers into the working of the software.

3. How are verification and validation different?

A: Verification of software is a process oriented process answering the question “is the product being made correctly?”, while validation of software follows a product specific approach answering the question “is the correct product being made?”

4. What is meant by SDLC?

A: A commonly used term, SDLC or Software Development Life Cycle are all activities performed while software development. SDLC includes requirement gathering, designing, coding, testing, deployment, and maintenance phases in that order.

5. What is meant by test bed?

A: Test Bed is the environment where an application is tested. It includes all software (OS, other software) and hardware requirements of the software being tested.

6. What is Test Plan?

A: Test Plan refers to a document describing the scope and approach of tests, required resources, and estimated time. Test Plan is derived from the Software Requirement Specifications document.

7. What is meant by Test Case?

A: Test Case is a document containing a range of conditions of requirements, inputs, and expected outputs from the software. It is used to check whether the application conforms to the required specifications.

8. What is meant by Test Scenario?

A: A test scenario is used for end-to-end testing of an application. It contains many test cases.

9. What is meant by Test Script?

A: A test script is a test case written in a programming language. It is a set of instructions in programming language for evaluation of an application’s working.

10. What is bug?

A: A bug is a malfunction causing error or fault in software which is detected during the testing process.

11. What is defect?

A: A defect is a fault in the program causing it to deviate from requirement, which is detected during production, that is, after the software goes live.

12. What is meant by defect density?

A: Defect Density is simply the density of defects in the software system. It is calculated by dividing the number of defects found by the number of lines of code (whole program, or method, or class).

13. What is meant by defect severity?

A: Defect severity is a measure of how serious the defect is in terms of how much it affects the functionality of the program.

14. What doe defect priority mean?

A: Defect priority is the measure of how urgently the defect needs to be fixed. It is normally set on a scale ranging from P0 to P3, with P0 having the highest priority.

15. What is meant by blocker?

A: A blocker is a high priority as well as high severity bug. It is called a blocker when it prevents testing other parts of the application as well.

16. What is critical bug?

A: Critical bugs are high severity high priority bugs that cause a major malfunction in the application. They differ from blockers in that they do not affect testing of other parts of the program.

17. What is Black Box Testing?

A: Black Box Testing is a type of testing where the tester does not have access to the internal specifications of the program and only the user interface is used to test.

18. What is White Box Testing?

A: White box testing is the type of testing where the tester has complete access to all internal specifications of the application being tested.

19. What is gray box testing?

A: Gray box testing is the type of testing process where the tester has a restricted access to only specific sections of the internal working of the application.

20. What is meant by cause effect graph?

A: It is a type of Black Box Testing procedure where a graphical representation of cause (input) and effect (output) is used to design the test. Logic diagrams (AND, OR, NOT, etc.) are used.

21. What is meant by use case testing?

A: Use Case Testing is another black box testing procedure where testing is done using a use case scenario for the application to check how the application responds to various use scenarios.

22. What is statement testing?

A: A white box testing method, statement testing is a process where test scripts are designed to execute sections of code.

23. What is meant by decision testing?

A: Decision testing is a white box testing process where test coverage measurement is done by measuring the percentage of decision points that are executed out of the total number of decision points in the program.

24. What are levels of testing?

A: Software is tested at different levels during the development process, helping in quickly locating bugs. The different levels are:

  • Unit Testing: Each module of the software is tested in the first level of testing.
  • Integration Testing: Groups of related modules are tested in the second level to check interaction.
  • System Testing: The completed software is tested in the third level of testing.
  • Acceptance Testing: The final level of testing is done by the potential users of the software.

25. What is meant by Alpha Testing?

A: Alpha testing is the acceptance test performed by developers at the site of development.

26. What is meant by Beta Testing?

A: Beta testing is the acceptance test performed by users at the site of use. Beta testing provides valuable customer side insight to the developers before the final product is launched.

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