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SnD Infotech, Bangalore

Marathalli, Bangalore Bangalore
Karnataka India(IN)560048

: +91 8050705993 ,+91 8500069797
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SND Infotech from Bangalore, India, which is a high profile online SAP training institute, we provide services in online training, support and consulting.SND provides SAP SD, SAP AFS, SAP MM, SAP FICCO and CRM online training classes for students located in India, USA, UK, Canada, Australia, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates and Japan etc. by real time professionals.

We have a track record of training hundreds of students to climb the ladder of success. We are one of the leading online training portals that provide professional training in SAP SD, SAP AFS, SAP MM, SAP FICCA and CRM. Our team of expert coaches has established a record of success and stable development in online training since taking steps in business.

While working with us, you can feel comfortable and satisfied as we work from time to time to cost-effective work. We enjoy long-term relationships with our students. Our goal is to be the most valuable training partner. We work strongly to support the success of our student.


Course Details


SnDInfotech from Bangalore, India which is a high profiled Online SAP Training Institute, We provide services in Online Training, Support, and Consulting. SnD offers you SAP SD, SAP MM, SAP FICO & ABAP Online Training classes for the students who are located in India, US, UK, Canada, Australia, Saudi Arabia, UAE and Japan etc. by a Real Time Professionals. 

The trainer is having 6.5 years of Real-Time experience; we provide the complete Integration / Implementation Project Knowledge with Best SAP Material, Interview Questions & Tips to successes in Interviews.


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Mobile: +91 80507 05993 (INDIA).

Skype ID: sashi-kiran



Course Syllabus


  • Introduction to ERP
  •  Introduction to SAP.
  •  Functions & Objectives of SD.
  •  SAP R/3 Architecture.

  • SAP Navigation Overview
  •  Login to SAP.
  •  Sessions - Easy Access & IMG Menus.
  •  Understanding General Settings.

  • SAP Enterprise Structure Overview
  •  Overview of Enterprise structure.
  •  Definition of Organizational Elements.
  •  Assignment of Organizational Elements.

  • Creating Master Data
  •  Customer Master Data.
  • Defining Account Groups.
  • Partner Determination Procedure.
  •  Material Master Data.
  •  Customer Material Info Records.
  •  Conditions Master Data.

  • Sales Documents Processing
  •  Sales Document Structure, Doc Types & Functionalities.
  •  Item Category Control & Determination.
  •  Schedule line Categories Control & Determination.

  • Pricing
  •  Condition Tables.
  •  Access Sequence.
  •  Condition Types.
  •  Pricing Procedures & Determination.

  • Free Goods Determination
  •  Concept & Condition Technique for Free Goods.


  • Basic Functions (Condition Technique)
  •  Material Determination.
  •  Material Listing / Exclusion.


  •  BOM: Bill of Materials
  • Bills of Materials Overview.
  • 9.2. Configuring BOM.


  • Revenue Account Determination
  •  Concept of Revenue Account Determination.
  •  Create - Customer & Material Account Assignment Groups.

  • Credit Management
  •  Credit Control Area.
  •  Defining Risk Category & Credit Groups.
  •  Credit Master Data.
  •  Automatic Credit Control.

  • Shipping
  •  Shipping point & Route Determination.
  •  Picking & Transfer order.
  •  Post Goods Issue.
  •  Configuration of the Outbound Delivery Structure.
  •   Item Categories for Deliveries.

  • Outline Agreements Overview
  •  Scheduling Agreements.
  •  Quantity/ Value Contracts.


  • Special Sales process & its Transactions
  •  Cash Sales Process.
  •  Rush Order.
  •  Returns Sales Process.

  • Billing Process
  •  Creation of Billing Document.
  •  Accounting Document Overview.
  •  Credit Memo & Debit Memo.
  •  Define Billing Document Types.

  • Copy Controls
  •  Copy Controls for Sales Documents.
  •  Copy Controls for Delivery Documents.
  •  Copy Controls for Billing Documents.

  •  Incompletion Procedure
  •  Overview of Incompletion procedures.
  •  Working with incompletion procedures.

  • Third Party Sales Process
  •  Overview Third party process.
  •  Configuring Third-party process.

  • Consignment Sales Process
  •  Consignment Fill-Up.
  •  Consignment Issue.
  •  Consignment Pickup.
  •  Consignment Returns.

  • Output Determination
  •  Overview of Output Determination.
  •  Configuring Output Determination.

  • Inter Company Sales Process
  •  Intercompany Sales Process.
  •  Configuring intercompany sales.

  • Project Methodology
  •  System Landscape.
  •  Transport Management.
  •  ASAP Methodology.

  • Additional Information – Real-time
  •  Functional Testing Process.
  •  Standard SD Tables & Reports.
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