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Budget Exceeded Even When There is Amount Available

Updated May 18, 2018

WBS element budget exceeded even when there is amount available. Is there any percentage between the amount available and amount to be paid that the system determines before paying an invoice. Where is this configuration made?

Check your budget profile in the IMG (trx. OPS9).

Select the F1 help function on the following fields:

1. "Total values" in the Timeframe block
2. "Annual values" in the Timeframe block
3. All five fields in the "Availability Control" block
Verify then if any conflict exist in the logic of your settings.

Secondly, go to your configuration settings in the IMG regarding the Tolerance limits for Availability control.

Check your SPRO setting under Project System>Costs>Budget>Define Tolerance Limits.

As per the setting in spro for budget tolerance limit, system gives you the message. Here you set at what %age of releases budget, system will give you message and the type of message also like warning or error along with the area where you want to put this budget check.

The column "Activity" stipulates the action to be taken by the system when you reach the percentage of expenditure as stipulated in the column "Usage".

Activity = 1 (Warning)
Usage = 95 (percentage)

In this example, the system will issue a warning when your total expenditure (actual costs) reach 95% of the budget amount. This is checked by the system, based on the settings in the budget profile as stated above.