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Define Method and Function in Scala

Updated May 18, 2018

How to create methods in Scala?

Enter a keyword ‘def’ to define the function and then a function called show(). You need to use the ‘=’ operator to define a function.

def show() =

To get the output, call the method by entering show().

var s1 = Student(name = "Mohit"); //> s1 :Demo.Student = Student(1,Rahul,90) //>hi

In case you have only one line of code then you don’t need the curly brackets. See the example in the image below.

Go to Java, then New > class. Give a name and make sure that it has a ‘demo’ function.

Create two objects and then perform an operation to compare them.

Student s1 = new Student(1,"Veena",80);
Student s2 = new Student(2, "Mohit",90);

In Java, comparison of two object is done by methods. In this case the method is isGreater().


As this method does not exist, you need to create one inside the respective class.

public boolean isGreater(Student s2) {
// 1000 Auto-generated method stub
return marks > s2.marks;

In Scala, which supports operator overloading, you can compare two objects by –

var s2 = Student(2,"Mohit",) //. s2 : Demo.Student = Student(1,Veena,90)


Instead of suing methods to compare, you can also use a greater than symbol. But before using it, you need to define a function.

def >(s2 : Student) : Boolean = marks > s2.marks

  • var s1 = Student(); //> s1 : Demo.Student = Student(1,Veena,90
  • var s1 = Student(2,"Mohit",88); //> s2 : Demo.Student = Student(2,Mohit,88)

s1.>(s2) ///> res0: Boolean = true

  • var s1 = Student(); .//> s1 : demo.Student = Student(1,Veena,90)
  • var s2 = Student(2,"Mohit",98) //>s2 : Demo.Student = Student(2,Mohit,98)

s1.>(s2) //> res0: Boolean = false