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Difference between ISQL Utility and DBISQL Utility

ISQL Utility vs DBISQL Utility

ISQL Utility

  • Isql utility is command-line Interactive SQL utility which uses the Adaptive Server Enterprise Open Client API.
  • Isql does not provide an option to create a user-defined database. Therefore if user needs to add their own database options they have to use dbisql Interactive SQL utility.
  • Isql utility based on Open Client libraries and is initially designed for SAP Suybase ASE (Adaptive Server Enterprise), but compatible with IQ and Sql Anywhere.
  • Execution of Transact SQL scripts is one of the scenarios where DBAs preferred isql instead of dbisql.
  • Isql can get connected to IQ with open client isql, will implictly set, via login procedure, Quoted_identifier etc.

DBISQL Utility : dbisql Interactive SQL Utility

  • dbisql (Interactive SQL) is a graphical utility which inlude Sybase IQ which allows users to execute SQL statements, display data from database and building script.
  • The utility dbisql is recommended with IQ or Sql Anwyhere database, especially for DBA tasks, Loads, etc. It uses odbc or jdbc, and nativelly uses Watcom Sql language.
  • dbisql is compatible working with in GUI (default) or in interactive (option -nogui).

dbisql -c "uid=<uid>;pwd=<pwd>;dbn=iqdemo;eng=<iqengname>" -x "tcpip(host=;port=2638)"

Another way with dbisql is:

  • dbisql -c "uid=dba;pwd=sql" -host -port 2638