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Difference between Q_IDA License and IQ_URIDA License

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Difference between Q_IDA License and IQ_URIDA License

Q_IDA License vs. IQ_URIDA License

Q_IDA (In-Database Analytics)

InDatabase Analytics Option is new type of licence which allows users to build, deploy and run their own C/C++ User-Defined Functions (UDF). This option is available to all SAP Sybase IQ customers unlike previous releases and also this new licence no longer requires SAP Sybase certification.

A new IQ_IDA license has been included in the InDatabase Analytics Option which will function as both the InDatabase Analytics Option and Partner Solutions license. However the users can purchase the InDatabase Analytics Options in order to enable V4 UDF support, this license restricts runtime execution on multiplex readers.

The SAP Sybase will keep on supporting the current Partner Solutions IQ_UDF license, which is needed for existing V3 C/C++ libraries. No change will occur in server runtime behaviour for this license.

Partners can get a copy of new InDatabase Analytics Option and the library authentication method from SAP Sybase without cost.

IQ_URIDA (Unrestricted In-Database Analytics)

This IQ_URIDA license is only provided to RAP(Ramp-Up) customers and not available for general public

This licence allows the RAP customers to run their UDFs in an unrestricted mode without changing their UDFs for providing the extfn_get_license_info function.

Keeping in mind the needs of RAP customer they will be provided with URIDA license which will provide them UDF execution on any node type regardless of what _extfn_get_license_info returns.

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