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Difference between Securely Modify Right and Modify Right

Updated May 18, 2018

Securely Modify Right vs Modify Right

Modify Rights

Modify rights enable the user to modify any right for any user on that object.

Example Scenario:

If any user Ram has a rights View objects and also Modify the rights users have to object on an object then Ram can change the rights for that object therefore Ram has full control of this object.

Securely Modify Right

Securely modify rights enable user to deny, grant or revert to unspecified only the rights he has been already granted.

Example Scenario:

If user Ram has a View and Securely modify the rights users have to objects rights then Ram will not be able to allot himself more right and also he can only grant or deny only these two rights (View and Securely Modify Rights) to any to other users.

Additionally, Ram can only change the right for users on objects for which he has the Securely Modify Rights right.

Here are all the following conditions that must exist for user Ram in order to modify the rights for user B on object O:

  • User Ram must have Securely Modify Rights right on object O.
  • Every right or access level that user Ram will change for any other users for example user VaI must be granted to Ram
  • User Ram will have Assign Access Level right on the access level that is changing for user VaI in the case of assigning access level.
  • User Ram has the Securely Modify Rights right on user VaI.