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Use of EHS Specification management and EHS Phrases more efficiently

Updated May 18, 2018

We have used EH&S specification management and/or EH&S phrases or we want to use EH&S specification management and/or EH&S phrases more efficiently in the future. We want to load (extensive) specification data and/or EH&S phrases in our SAP system. And we want to adjust selected EH&S property data for (many) specifications outside of the SAP system and then reload it into the system. We want to merge EH&S phrases systematically and want to generate report generation variants more efficiently and transfer them easily and consistently to downstream systems.

You are getting the above issue because you have installed EH&S in accordance with SAP 122400 and you use EH&S specification management.

Please follow the below steps:

What is the best practice documents for loading specification data and phrases?

  • You can experience from numerous migration projects was formatted and compressed. The documentation contains various "Do and Don't" recommendations.

Which one is Extensive migration templates?

  • 28 migration templates in MS Excel form for the loading of EH&S specification data and EH&S phrases

What is the output of specification data from specification management into the OCC loading format?

  • Selection of specifications in the hit list of specification management
  • Interactive selection of relevant EH&S properties
  • Output of the specification data to the OCC loading format (identifiers, compositions, attributes of the valuation categories A, B, and C)

How to delete the program for specification data?

  • Selection of EH&S specifications
  • Selection of the data to be deleted (identifiers, reference relationships, inheritance relationships, material assignments, selectable EH&S properties)
  • Filter option of the data to be deleted according to the data origin
  • Processing online or as a background process

How to merge phrases from a text document with an additional check function?

  • Selection of the relevant phrases on the basis of a text document
  • Checks and display of differences with regard to short texts, phrase codes, phrase graphics, and existence of long texts
  • Merging and replacing as a background process

What is the generation of phrase sets with special consideration of EH&S characteristics for which no phrase sets are to be created?

  • For a number of EH&S characteristics no phrase sets are to be created. Currently, this affects approx. 80 characteristics.
  • Generally, these characteristics must be adjusted manually after each import of property trees. The consulting solution ensures that this manual adjustment effort is no longer required.
  • that a similar function is contained in the EH&S standard system as of Enhancement Package 7 for SAP ERP 6.0.

What is the Loading of generation variants on the basis of Excel templates?

  • Provision of sample MS Excel templates for the relevant data structure of the generation variants (currently approx. 60 generation variants)
  • Examples in accordance with the generation variants that are required for SAP EHS Regulatory Content (SERC).
  • With the help of the consulting solution, the generation variants per program can be created in such a way as if these had been created manually in the SAP System.