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Web Intelligence Processing Server (WIPS) Stopped

Updated May 18, 2018

For Excessive Period of time WIPS stuck in Initializing Status

Why web intelligence Processing Server (WIPS) is stuck or remains in an "Initializing" status within the CMC for an excessive period of time.
The process WIReportServer.exe shows up in Task Manager and consumes some CPU on a regular basis.
If the Web Intelligence Processing Server (WIPS) is issued a "stop" command it successfully stops.

You are getting above issue because web Intelligence Processing Server (WIPS) has a large amount of audit files in the "Auditing" directory and is checking them at startup.

Please following points:

  • With the Web Intelligence Processing Server (WIPS) stopped
  • Move the contents of the Auditing directory to a backup location or delete it if it is not needed
  • After emptying the directory the Web Intelligence Processing Server (WIPS) should start up quickly

Note: An alternate investigation should be made as to why the Auditing directory is not being emptied