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Difference between SAP PS and SAP PPM

Updated May 18, 2018

SAP System users get ready for a new explanation and definition which is very important. So today’s tutorial is about SAP PS and SAP PPM. SAP PS means it is an abbreviation of SAP Project System and SAP PPM is an abbreviation of SAP Project and Portfolio Management. Both are the main components of SAP system so it will be very useful for users.

These terms will help a company who wants to manage IT, consultancy and development of projects. Now, the brief definition is given below which will be clearer to a user:-


SAP PS (Project System) is a module of SAP which is used to handle the complete process of planning and execution of projects. It maintains the integration with other modules so that they can work properly. One can completely use it for controlling the projects in efficient way.


This term is a very innovative term which represents a very fine and clear portfolio of projects. This integrates information from the existing project management, HR and financial management having all details with in an overview of project. You can maintain the portfolio of your projects with full integration of every detail.

So, now I think it is all clear about these terms and you will be able to manipulate them with your new projects. 


  • 27 Jun 2013 7:44 am Marc Mueller
    There is a yearly conference in Germany regarding to PPM.

    About PS: It's often used for very complex project illustration (MTO / ETO) inside of SAP.
    What does "complex" means? One option is to work by a large WBS and network activity struktre. Another option could be to work by a multi-level BOM.
    No exception is to work by more than 1000 PS objects or BOM items for a single project.
  • 15 May 2014 6:33 am Rajesh Kumar Singh

    will any one show working of PS Module