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MLC College of Business Technology and healthcare

MLC College of Business Technology and healthcare, Ahmedabad

2B2 New York Corner,Opp.Rajpath Club, B/H Kiran Motors Ahmedabad
Gujarat India(IN)380004

: 91-79-400 298 72 , 91-79-400 298 73
: Institute

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We are a new era training college with  focus on imparting “state-of-the-art” management, technology and healthcare education to the young generation as well as mid career professionals holding their hand all the way till you get your first genuine career break. We are committed to building your career today and tomorrow helping you in every ( we mean it) step of the way from imparting knowledge  to building careers through systematic and practical approach. Our testimony is not what we teach to our students but what they achieve after the study . Success in career is the philosophy as well the heart and soul of our college.  We will continue to strive to build a better future for our students and ensure that they understand the complexities of the current marketplace  in order to make a successful career.

We have helped student in North America and Asia succeed in their endeavour by getting them that little extra edge which makes them extra special. We help you through  a very rigorous and systematic approach to  career development sessions comprising of classroom sessions which are  an optimum mix of the academic as well as practical real life scenarios. It has been our endeavour to tie up with the “best-of-breed”  industry leaders to provide you the right ingredients to make sure that you are ready to take on the challenges every day with renewed vigour and unending enthusiasm. Our focus is to give all the facets of basic and advanced education clubbed with real life case studies to prepare you for a career after the academics and beyond. Real life issues need a lot more that just world class education.

We believe that education is a lot of fun and a lot of hard work combined with a fierce determination to succeed in the ever increasing competitive  world. You need to be more prepared then ever before not only for the upcoming opportunities but also for the challenges that go with it. This  requires a great tuning of body and mind together with a good business sense. You need to know the past, be in the present but also plan ahead of time for the future upcoming opportunities well in advance of your competition.

MLC college is the educational division of MLC Solutions Inc. which is a proven  career management and development company which has helped hundreds of mid career professionals to achieve their career transition goals and make a success by making the right choices backed by our unending quest for excellence in service. In the end it is all about making the right choices and getting the right guidance and backing it up with everything that you have got as success follows those who dare to accept challenges and are persistent with their goals. Our advise has benefited many and   will continue to benefit you now and in future to be a leader and be a success. We have the right ingredients to complete the formula for success for young minds and the seasoned professionals alike and are committed to it.


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