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Definition - What is MySAP?

My SAP is an e- business suite integration tool that grants data access to the user in accordance to his or her role in an enterprise. The delivery of content is entirely dependent on the target users and the permissions they have for accessing the same through their device in an organization. This SAP module is a suitable integration tool for all small, medium and big size companies. The business suite of My SAP is basically a collaboration of products like SAP CRM (Customer Relationship Management), SAP PLM (Product Lifecycle Management), SAP SCM (Supply Chain Management), SAP SRM (Supplier Relationship Management), SAP HR (Human Resources) and SAP FM (Financial Management). All these modules have their own specific functionality in a specific business enterprise and are together suited for just about any kind of business.

MySAP not only leads to positive and efficient business growth but also offers users the ability of sharing more resources with every member of the workforce (with the required restrictions on the content to be shared in place). It aims at delivering complete solutions for making the overall SAP business system more simplified and precise. In other words, the suite dynamically allocates and de-allocates resources to the system, as per the given commands.

Courses in SAP My SAP

Every single product of My SAP business suite provides unique inputs for the course. Aspirants enrolling for the course need to be adequate in all the categories, so as to be fully equipped with comprehensive knowledge in the integrated business suite of SAP business enterprise technology solutions.

The course contents of various topics are given as below:

  • My SAP CRM Course: It consists of various technical areas that need to be covered for proper business functions, such as marketing, sales, service, interaction, e-commerce, channel management, field applications, master data, manufacturing industries, etc.
  • My SAP PLM Course: It covers all the aspects of acquiring knowledge of the SAP product and ways of building data over the same. All the general configurations of the objects and maintenance of complex plants are covered by this sub module of SAP MySAP.
  • My SAP SCM Course: It covers all the components of SCM solutions, integration of master data management and change management. The execution of typical business processes are discussed in the curriculum liked to this sub module.
  • My SAP HR Course: The course entitles the fundamentals of organizational management and ways of monitoring the gross payroll process.
  • My SAP FM Course: This portion of the course enables candidates to implement various business enterprise processes and tasks in asset accounting and master data management. The creation of logic for new general ledger management forms the basic component of this course.

Scope and Opportunity of My SAP Course

After attaining certification, candidates can acquire knowledge in just about any field of the product range and explore their skills to benefit SAP based organizations. The business suite linked with a business organization is very relevant and can enhance its productivity in various forms. Certified MySAP professionals boast of additional functionalities that make them a coveted find for SAP business firms.

Become a Certified My SAP Consultant

The certification for My SAP is provided after testing a candidate for each module of the business suite differently and verifies his/ her knowledge in all sub-modules effectively. A MySAP consultant is therefore in great demand for having vast knowledge with regards to just about any field of SAP and can look forward to an attractive salary package and related benefits.

Basic Qualifications Required for the Course

Candidate aspiring for certification in My SAP must have at least 2 years of experience in the field of SAP implementation. Relevant training in the SAP business suite is also desirable.