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SAP NetWeaver Sample Resumes

SAP NetWeaver MDM-PI/XI Sample Resume For 2 Year Experience

Function Area: NetWeaver,
Key skills: SAP XI, WEB-Billing, TS Design, Unit Testing
Preffered Job Location: Anywhere,
Nationality: India



XYZ is SAP NetWeaver MDM-PI/XI (SAP MDM certified) Consultant associated with SAP Service Line of Capgemini Consulting India Pvt Ltd.

Career Objective

To perform a number of engagements particularly relevant to SAP Netweaver requirements to undertake challenging assignments.

SAP Experience

2 years 4 months of experience as SAP MDM and SAP PI/XI Technical Consultant. It includes competency building, implementations and maintenance activities.

-Working as SAP MDM/PI Consultant on SCI (Shipping Corporation of India) since 1st Jan 2009 to till date.
-Worked as SAP PI Consultant on BNSF (Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railway) since Aug 2008 to Oct 2008.
-Worked as SAP ABAP and MDM Consultant on AOI (Alliance One SAP Implementation) since Feb 2008 to July 2008.
-Worked as SAP MDM and PI/XI Consultant on IPM-MDM Integration for SAP Solution Centre since June 2007 to Dec 2007.

Netweaver Experience

Netweaver MDM 5.5, 7.1

  • Defining MDM Repositories Modelling and tuning, Defining Roles and Users.
  • Data import with Excel, Access, XML, and from external Data base server.
  • Different Modes, Free form search, Drill down search, Named and Local searches, Mask operations.
  • Record operations like adding, deleting, duplicate and update record concepts, protecting, check out, and check in record, comparing record.
  • Data validations, Assignments, Matching Rules, Transformation and Strategies, Matching-Merging.
  • MDM Workflows: Add, update and Import record using Workflows, Email notification, approvals, assignments, validating record and syndication.
  • Syndication record, Item Mapping, Record Suppression, Syndication Maps, Destination Item properties, Map properties, Custom Items.
  • Configured MDM generic extractors.
  • Knowledge of MDM ABAP APIs.
  • Designed House keeping scenarios.
  • Configured MDM related PI Interfaces and used MDM Adapter.
  • Designed IPM-MDM Module.
  • Basic knowledge of SRM-MDM Catalogue.
  • Hands on experience on standard repositories like Material, Customer, Vendor, Business Partner etc.

Netweaver PI 7.0

  • Development of Interface Objects, Mappings.
  • Configuration of Collaboration Profiles (Party, Services and Channels), Collaboration Agreements (Sender & Receiver Agreements), Logical Routing.
  • Component Monitoring, Message Monitoring, Performance Monitoring, Cache Updates.
  • Configuration of various XI scenarios as:
  • File to file using flat files (.xml, .txt, .dat) and content conversion.
  • IDoc to File & File to IDoc using node functions.
  • Proxy to File & File to Proxy, RFC to File.
  • File to Mail Scenarios.
  • File to File using new MDM adapter.
  • Used various types of Adapters such as File, HTTP, IDoc, XI, Mail, MDM, and RFC.
  • BPM Scenarios.

Engagements History

Project 1: SAP NetWeaver Implementation

Client: SCI (Shipping Corporation of India), India
Duration: 1st Jan 2009 – Till Date
Module: SAP Netweaver MDM-PI
Environment: SAP NetWeaver MDM 7.1, PI 7.1
Role: SAP NetWeaver MDM and PI Technical Consultant

Project description:
To replace SCI processes from Legacy functionality with SAP ERP and SAP NetWeaver.


Preparing Pre and Post Go-Live Strategy Documents, BBP Documents, Training Materials for End Client, Feasibility Checks, Designing MDM Repositories, Workflows, Validations, Assignments, ECC-PI-MDM Integration, .


  • Designed & reviewed Material, Customer, Vendor, Port, Non-Technical Services, and Vessel Master Initial BBP documents.
  • Designed Pre Go-Live Backup & Recovery Strategy, Inbound Integration Strategy, and Outbound Integration Strategy.
  • Prepared Training and Hands-on Material for End-Users.
  • Designed FS and TS Templates.
  • Designed Material, Customer, Vendor, Port, and Vessel Master Repositories with Global Attributes.
  • Configured Validations, Assignments, and MDM Approval Workflows for all Masters.
  • Designed Import and Syndication Maps.
  • Configured MDM server House keeping scenarios.
  • PI-MDM Integration Interfaces Strategy.
  • Prepared PI 7.1 BPM Strategy Document.
  • End to End Scenario to post Images in DMS server using BAPIs.
  • File to Mail scenarios for Error Notifications from MDM.

Project 2: SAP PI Implementation

Client: BNSF (Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railway), North America
Duration: 25th Aug 2008 – 5th Oct 2008
Module: SAP Netweaver XI/PI
Environment: SAP XI/PI 7.0
Role: SAP NetWeaver PI Consultant/Developer

Project description:

In this project BNSF client data is to be migrated on SAP technology and starting their business on SAP technology from legacy systems.


Designing XI interfaces for WEB-Billing, TS Design, and Unit Testing.


  • Designed BPM for 5 interfaces.
  • Designed XI interface for Customer Inbound from Legacy (using IDOC DEBMAS).
  • Designed XI interface for Customer Outbound data to Legacy (RFC enabled Z function module).
  • Sales Contract Creation from Legacy (using BAPI).
  • PS related Data from Legacy (using Custom RFC enabled function module).

Project 3: SAP ERP Implementation

Client : AOI (Alliance One International), North America
Duration: 25th Feb 2008 – 7th July 2008
Module: SAP ABAP
Environment: SAP ECC 6.0
Role: SAP ABAP Developer and MDM Consultant

Project description:

In this project AOI client data, sales orders, purchase orders etc is to be migrated on SAP technology and starting their business on SAP technology from legacy systems. And MDM Scope is to be defined in AOI landscape.


  • Designing ABAP reports and table enhancements.
  • Data consolidation using LSMW and BDC.
  • Designing PI objects.
  • Designing forms using smart/Adobe forms.
  • MDM PoC Design


  • Report for Remittance advice.
  • Custom table for Billing Output data.
  • Maintained Traceability Matrix for all project activities.
  • Sales Report Commissions data.
  • Form for Shipment Readiness data.
  • Report for Duty Drawback Import data.
  • Report for Financial Inventory Data.
  • MDM PoC Design.

Project 4: IPM-MDM Module Development

Client : SAP Netweaver MDM Competency, North America
Duration: 1st Jun 2007 – 31st Jan 2008
Module: SAP MDM
Environment: SAP MDM 5.5 SP05, SAP CRM 5.0, SAP PI 7.0
Role: SAP MDM and PI Consultant/Developer

IPM-MDM Integration

SAP MDM Competency launches IPM-MDM Development integration between CRM-IPM module and MDM Server to consolidate Intellectual Properties master data from CRM system to MDM. CRM-IPM module maintains IP data related to products, hierarchies, categories, IP shipping, rights and relationships. CRM-IPM basically maintains IP’s data in different tables under different tabs which is difficult to view and maintain.
Hence the need for IPM-MDM is because; MDM maintains data in a single repository and exchanges data through Process Integration when required by CRM system, so no need to store duplicates. By integrating IPM-MDM data for same or different products are stored at a single place for as many systems are involved in the landscape or infrastructure.
MDM is skilled with good searching, matching-merging, and cleansing capabilities. So the idea is to maintain all IP’s master data in MDM and after cleanse and de-duplication process, send it back to CRM system.


  • Designing a Custom repository in MDM to store IP’s master.
  • Exporting IP data out of CRM System.
  • Designing ABAP and PI Objects.
  • Designing Import, Syndication maps, and cleanse process in MDM.
  • Designing Ports and Systems.


  • As a team member, Xyz was responsible for:
  • Designed IPM-MDM Custom repository in MDM.
  • Designed MDM inbound and outbound ports and systems for importing and exporting data.
  • Developed the Import maps for migration of data from CRM-IPM files to MDM Repository.
  • Designed Validations, Assignments, Matching Rules and Strategies for de-duplication scenario.
  • Performed QA testing on the IPM-MDM repository based on the test cases provided.
  • Designed MDM Workflows to automatically generate mails while importing and adding new records in Data Manager.
  • Designed XI interface objects.
  • Designed Client and Server Side proxies to trigger and update IP data.

Education History

  1. SAP NetWeaver MDM Certified - Nov 2008.
  2. AAE Certified from NIIT south-EX New Delhi- 72%- Feb 2007.
  3. Postgraduate in Information Technology (MSc. IT) from Kurukshetra University (Haryana) - 72%- June 2006.
  4. Undergraduate in Information Technology (BSc. IT) from Kurukshetra University (Haryana) 73% - June 2004.

Additional Skills/Training

  1. SDN MDM Forum Community: Has scored 1147 points on SDN Forum.
  2. SAP MDM: 4 weeks of extensive training by SAP Israel.
  3. GDS Training: 2 weeks training by SAP Israel.
  4. SAP MDM ABAP and JAVA API Training: 8 days in house training.
  5. SRM-MDM Catalogue: 1 week in house training.
  6. MDM Workflows & IPM-MDM Integration: Conducted knowledge sharing sessions on MDM Workflows and IPM-MDM Integration.
  7. Conducted 8 days in-house training session for MDM.

Personnel Details

Marital Status:
Contact No:
Alt Mail Id:

SAP Netweaver Sample Resume For 8 Year Experience

Function Area: Netweaver,
Key skills: SAP R/3 ECC 6.0 SR2, ECC 6.0 SR3,
Preffered Job Location: Delhi, Gurgaon, Hyderabad,
Nationality: India

SAP Netweaver

Netweaver skills :

  • Installed NW7.0  SR3 and performed Post installation activities.
  • Deployed & published Adobe forms.
  • Installation of EP, worked on portal personalization, defined enduser role for all portal users.
  • Defined portal content such as folder,iviews,pages,worksets etc.& worked with portal favorites.
  • Defined the content using the copy & delta method,imported best practices to portal desktop.
  • Worked on portal monitoring of users(locking &unlocking).
  • Performed EP to BW connectivity manually & portal performance tuning done.
  • Imported themes & deployed them,assigning role for personalization of users.
  • Assigned EU_ROLE to enable home & personalize tab in EP portal screen.
  • Worked in resetting the password option & enabling the superuser sap*  in emergency.
  • Configured single sign on between Ep,ERP & BI and integrated BI planner on portal using Rsplan tcode.
  • Deployed kernel upgrade,ESS,MSS using JSPM Tool. & Best practices(*.epa files).
  • Worked on various tools .(config tool, visual admin, JSPM, JCMON,TELNET,Logviewer,NWA,SLD).
  • Defined JcoRFC destination to the backend system.& defined WebDynpro connections to fetch metadata & application data.
  • Defined rooms & included the members by providing necessary authorization.
  • Enabled real time collaboration option & collaboration launch pad for collaboration activities.
  • Enabled collaboration to trigger instant messages.
  • Worked with knowledge management & content management also worked with folders,common folders,shared folders,taxonomy,identified critical iviews.
  • Created users in java engine.(standalone systems).& defined the groups & assigned users to the groups.
  • Configured user mapping to backend users in user management engine (Dual stack).
  • Created system for BI,maintained authorization in BI explorer & assigned roles to users.
  • Defined connectivity from target system to source system in BW & transported objects.
  • Updated SLD to display the backend systems. (technical , business , third party systems etc…).
  • Importing CIM,CR software components & products & configured profile parameters in SLD.
  • Post installation activities done for XI system for integration builder components.
  • Component, performance , adapter engine, message & cache monitoring for PI/XI engine performed.
  • Connection of avira virus scanner to sap (Abap) system.