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Business Objects Design Studio running on SAP BOBI platform 4.x

Updated May 18, 2018

We are having issues with SAP BusinessObjects Design Studio running on SAP BusinessObjects Business Intelligence platform 4.x.


Here one can see the what procedure, customers should follow when experiencing issues on the BI platform.

Following are the Basic checks:

  • Please check whether you have installed the newest Design Studio according to 1760372.
  • In case of this error message "Unable to find servers in CMS :6400 and cluster :6400 with kind pjs and service AnalysisApplicationDesignService. All such servers could be down or disabled by the administrator. (FWM 01014)" or in case there is no adaptive processing server (APS) or the Analysis Application Service was not added to any APS, please apply the following steps:
    This can happen because the Design Studio installer adds its service only to the default APS. In case this default APS was deleted or the deployment template was changed (by using  System Configuration Wizard in 4.1), then the service has to be added manually:
    • A1. stop the APS by choosing "Stop Server" in the context menu
    • A2. Choose "Select Services" in the context menu
    • A3. Select the "Analysis Application Service" in the available services list and add it to services list of this APS
    • A4. Start the APS again

In case of a missing APS

  • B1. Choose New/New Server in the context menu of Service Categories.
    B2. Choose category "Analysis Services" and select service "Analysis Application Service"
    B3. Start the server
  • Read the SAP BusinessObjects Design Studio Administrator Guide for BIP especially the configuration and troubleshooting paragraphs
  • After making any changes to the configuration ensure that you have restarted the Adaptive Processing Server (APS) hosting the Analysis Applications service.
  • Starting an Analysis application from designer via "Execute on BI Platform" leads to "Error: Resource not found" (text of browser tab).
    Start the BI Launchpad and start the application from there. In case it cannot be started then please verify that your current user or its user group has at least View access for the application "Design Studio Runtime". [NEW]
  • OLAP connections are not shown in the Designer In case the info provider is a Multiprovider you need to install the Designer coming with Design Studio 1.1.
  • After transport of an Analysis application from a source to a target sytem the data sources show "Could not instantiate ..." errors.
    OLAP connections on source and target system must be absolutely identical, i.e. their CUIDs must be the same. It is not  sufficient to have the same names only. Better transport at first all relevant OLAP connections via promotion management from source to target system. Then transport the Analysis applications. In the CMC you can compare the CUIDs of a connections in the properties dialog of an OLAP connection.
  • In case you face a text like "???" in the context menu of an Analysis application in the BI launch pad or the Designer shows an error in the "Open Application" dialog "Failed to query application in folder with CUID CQESAAAA9FZ...", then the Design Studio Web application is not deployed to the Web server.

    In case the web server is installed on a different box than the application server (BOE), you need to run the Design Studio Addon installer first on the web server PC and then use WDeploy to deploy all Web applications (BOE, dwsbobje, ...). In case the web server is on the same machine as the BOE it is sufficient to run WDeploy because the initial Design Studio Addon Setup should have installed the web applications already.
  • The APS has the status "running" and "enabled".
  • In case of errors instantiating data sources, please check your etc/services file on the server or desktop (local mode).
    Hints in the trace file are:
    service '?'
    Connect to message server host failed

Following are the known issues:

  • If Design Studio 1.1 applications deployed on the BIP do not run in IE, then please read 1866425.
  • If you face continues resizing on the IPad, please read 1786081 for more details.
  • If the Analysis application's height is too small and shows vertical scrollbars instead, then please update your BIP to at least SP 05 patch 1.
  • Starting Analysis applications in BI Launchpad or in the Designer via "Execute on BI Platform" leads to invalid URLs like http://***** or http://%2A%2A%2A%2A%2A%2A%2A/. This issue will be fixed with BI Platform service pack 06.
    WORKAROUND: change the OpenDocument URL in CMC (Choose Applications => Open Document => Context menu "Process Settings". In case this URL already looks corrupted (http://*****) please enter the URL of the following format and replace the 2 variables with the correct values:
    http://< boe-server>:/BOE/OpenDocument/opendoc/openDocument.jsp?sIDType=CUID&iDocID=%SI_CUID%

    In case this URL looks correct you must at least change 1 char and then press OK otherwise the OK button has no effect. In a 2nd step open the settings again and undo the previous change. Now you can test with the Designer and the "Execute on BI Platform" menu item.
  • Wrong host/port/URL in browser:
    Starting Analysis applications in Designer via "Launch on BI platform" toolbar button leads to a wrong host and/or port in the browser's URL. In case this URL differs from the URL configured in the Open Document application, then please apply the same steps explained above. (change open document URL and undo again) to force a propagation of the current URL to all Design Studio applications.
  • after installation of the BI Platform 4.0 SP 04 patch 3 or patch 4, the CMS crashes e.g. after connections to a message server using a logon group: please apply 1765690.
    Please check in the CMC under autentication => SAP. On the "Entitelment Systems" tab check ALL (!) systems. They must not be configured as "Load Balancing" but as "Application host" instead.
  • In case OLAP connections and other data sources are not appearing in Design Studio: this can happen if your OLAP connection directly points to a BW infoprovider. Letting it point to a BW query or a BW query view will not cause problems. This problem will be fixed in the 1.1 .
  • SUP not supported (yet)
    Please refer to section "3.6.6 Limitation of the SUP environment" in Mobile BI admin guide for details on the current limitations:
  • The scripting command OpenInNewWindow does not open in a new Window with current BIP mobile client versions. This will come with a future of Mobi. The navigation will be done inplace instead.
  • "ZEN studio reports not opening from BI-Inbox" is a known issue.