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Progress Analysis to measure EVA

Updated May 18, 2018

I am currently working on a Chemical industry Re-implementation. My client wants to implement Progress Analysis to measure EVA. They current use WBS elements (No Networks). I have been trying to find an instance where progress analysis (EVA) has been implemented for WBS so I can decide what needs to be in place. Anyone who has some imformation on these should please give me an insight or documentation. This would be greatly appreciated.

Unfortunately, from my experience, I can say that Progress analysis/ EVA Earned Value Analysis in PS cannot be done without the activities and of course withouth the networks. We had the same problem, as in our company as we had before only WBS and we needed EVA. For EVA PS has the Transaction CNE5 and in this kind of reports (see also CN41) values of rhe the field "actual work" will be "built up" on basis of activities confirmations. As I can suggest you, if the company does not want to change the current structure of the projects, a soulution would be to i! ntegrate PS with BW, if they have BW there, and to generate the needed reports for analysing the EVA in BW.
Otherwise I have not heard to be possible to have Progress Analisys without activities in SAP Standard.

Thanks for the reply. It is very helpful. It confirms what I thought.

Progress analysis at WBS level is also possible., Use estimation method and put the ACTUAL WORK DONE.

I agree with Mr Mukesh. We are using the EVA method estimation and actual work done for WBS.
Please create a new "Z" method of EVA which will allow confirmation of WBS in a similar way as being allowed for activities. You can then confirm the WBS for actual progress of work and enter the % completion of actual work to get schedule vs actual curve.

Using the Estimation method with WBS means you are not really doing EVM in SAP. You would need to calculate the percentage using another tool. Also, since your WBS schedule dates are not dynamic, the forecasts would be very difficult to create. If the company is re-imiplementing, have them implement Networks Activities, at a minimum of one Activity per WBS.