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Project System Status -Deletion Flag Active

Updated May 18, 2018

One problem with the network triggered by a SO with CN08 linkage. The network appears in display mode with system status -deletion flag active. How to change the system status and delete the network?

Here is the deletion flag behavior I have observed.

We are using assembly order processing and also use CN08.

Using CN22 or CJ20N to create DLFG you set the status on the network header Edit>status>deletion flag this rolls the status down to the activity level.

To reverse the deltion flag you must first:

cancel the deletion flag on the network header, then select all activities in the activity overview and cancel deletion flag.

Now some people believe that when the deletion flag is set that it removes all of the activities from the network.

This is false, users who do not see the activities after the deletion flag is set must use the following menu path to "reveal" the activties:

Edit> Object> Display Deleted>On

Which table is the system storing the Project Def, WBS, NW and NWA system and User status?

Check these tables:

PROJ : Master data for project definition
PRPS: Master data for WBS
PRHI: Master data for project Jerarquie

TJ02 - a list of all System Status'. You can use transaction BS23 to see these, or SE16n via normal enquiry
JEST - current System/ User Status by object number (WBS and Network)
JCDS - history of System/ User Status by object number (WBS and Network)

Needless to say, you have to get the object number first by looking at PROJ, PRPS for Projects and AUFK, AFKO, AFVC, AFVU or AFVV for Networks.

Use SE16n to see the contents.

PS: Status "code" contained in JEST for particular object number, after selecting object number of choice from JEST to obtain status text simply join JEST to TJ02T linking JEST-STAT to TJ02T-ISTAT and finally pick language TJ02T-SPRAS .