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SAP GWM (Gateway for Microsoft)

Definition or Meaning- What is SAP GWM?

Full form or SAP GWM stands for (Gateway for Microsoft), the SAP customers use the Microsoft product in general. The SAP customers overally counts to 90% of the SAP customers. In SAP Microsoft Interoperability, solutions to the most complex issues can be found out by bringing together the worlds of SAP and Microsoft. It is of a great help to the IT leaders when the technical gap between Microsoft and SAP (Systems, Applications, Products in Data Processing) are bridged. It helps them to maintain a smooth and flexible work environment that accommodates the swiftly changing workplace in a more better and systematic manner.

SAP Gateway for Microsoft/ SAP-Microsoft Interoperability

SAP Gateway for Microsoft (GWM) is referred to as the product which simplifies the unification of the Microsoft products and the services related to SAP Gateway. The ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) SAP Customers, in order to drive the business in terms of Adoption of Business Users, Business Processes Enhancement by the integration of the technologies used in SAP Estates and various Microsoft products, are being educated through various webinars, weblogs, forums, journals and many other modes of communication. This knowledge on the SAP Microsoft Interoperability basically aims at the smooth running of a business entity, thereby eliminating the need for use of the products which are related to third parties and the use of these third party products normally leads to leakage of internal data, interface consistencies and data repositories.

The one and only platform for Microsoft is the SAP Gateway which is supported jointly by both Microsoft and SAP. Microsoft and SAP are now the global partners which contribute greatly to the internal and external aspects of a business organization as a whole.

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