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Selenium IDE Script Execution in Different Browsers

Updated May 19, 2018

Selenium IDE is a Firefox plugin and runs in the Firefox browser. Selenium IDE can be run in other browsers using Selenium WebDriver tool. This article lists the steps you need to follow to run Selenium IDE in browsers other than Firefox using Selenium WebDriver.

Prior conditions:

Java and Selenium IDE needs to be installed on your system. Once these are installed, you have to perform the following steps:

1.  Download Selenium Stand Alone Server.
2.  Download IEDriverServer (For Internet Explorer), or ChromeDriverServer (For Google Chrome). For other browsers, download the corresponding Driver.
3. Extract the downloaded Drivers.
4. Put all the Drivers (Selenium Stand Alone Sever, ChromeDriverServer, IEDriverServer, etc.) in the same folder.
Initiate Stand-alone server:

1. Open Command Prompt.
2. Locate the directory where the downloaded files (Selenium Stand Alone Server, IEDriverServer, ChromeDriverServer, etc.) were placed.
3. Enter the following command for Google Chrome Browser:

java -jar selenium-server-standalone-2.40.0.jar

Other Browsers have a different command that needs to be entered in the command prompt.

Get Selenium IDE ready:

1. Open Selenium IDE.
2. Click on Options on the Menu bar.
3. Click on the WebDriver tab.
4. Select ‘Enable WebDriver Playback’ checkbox.  
5. Enter 'chrome' in the text box (to execute text script on Chrome browser), or enter 'internet explorer' in the text box (to execute text script in Internet Explorer browser), or name of the browser you plan to run your test in.
6. Restart Selenium IDE. 
Your test script is now ready to run on the browser selected. Simply record and play the script to execute it in the browser of your choice.