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Settlement from WBS to WBS - AUC

Mandar || 14 Jun 2012 11:22 am || 1

  HI all,

I Have created an investment project with 4 level of WBS,
at 4th level WBS i have added the Budget and total up to 1st level,
now my actual costs are at 4th level WBS and i need to settle it to 3rd level, then i will settle it to AUC.

But when i run CJ88 and put the 4th level WBS(i have already maintained settlement rule), the system is giving error that your 3rd level WBS is not have sefficiant budget.

Pls help me to solve this problem.


  • 20 Jun 2012 2:50 pm
    This is a standard behaviour of system.

    As you have budget at 4th level (3rd level budget is distributed to 4th level) now when you settle from 4th level to 3rd level, all this cost get gets checked with the budget available at 3rd level, if no budget.....system give you an error.

    My question here is, why you want to settle from 4th level to 3rd level and then to AUC?

    Best practise say, maintain operative indicator, account assignment for the lower level WBS elements and maintain in such a way that AUC is created for all account assignment WBS elements. run cj88, all the cost of account assignment WBS elemnts will be automatically settled to AUC's.

    hope i am clear