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Substitution in the project builder

Guest || 21 Apr 2008 5:37 pm || 2

Hi, i have a problem with a substitution in the cj20n transaction... i have to mark the check of the field prps-plakz of each element from a project if the project have the field proj-profl with a specific value.

I make the substitution in the ggb1/project sistem/WBS element folder. but the substitution is innefective, the standard program doesn't catch the substitution.

i try a lot of methods and i couldn't solve the problem. Can somebody help me, please?

Thank you.


  • 29 May 2008 11:03 am
    have you activated substitution for the company code?
  • 25 Aug 2008 6:55 pm
    Update Project Profile (OPSA) Control tab to include substitution rule set and check "autom. substitution". If the substitution still does not work. Execute se38 program RGUGBR00 (select all check boxes except bottom).