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When TECO is done IN project Systems

|| 12 Jun 2009 12:39 pm || 5

anyone pls let me know ehn when TECO is done in SAP Ps


  • 03 Aug 2009 6:10 am
    TECO set on any WBS when project is technically completed no external cost will come on that project.
    other reason is that teco can be set ,when we want to track the actual cost on the project and want to restrict any one to book the external cost on that project for specific timeline.
  • 13 Mar 2010 4:05 am
    How to teco the project .
    Please provid steps
  • 24 Dec 2010 9:54 am
    Steps to set TECO
    If you have access to CJ20N
    The TECO can be set on the Activity element Netework or at WBS level
    at Menu go to Edit> Status > Complete Technically > Set
  • 19 Jul 2011 12:41 pm
    And TECO can set only at the network or the activity
  • 11 Sep 2017 3:30 pm

    TECO can be set to wbs elements also...