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10 Steps to Authorize Multiple Users in SAP

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10 Steps to Authorize Multiple Users in SAP

Authorizing users one by one is really a hectic job on a specific planning book (APO DP). It can become easier and you would be able to authorize multiple users at a time by selecting their IDs. Want to know how! Keep reading…


  1. To make it possible in SAP (Systems Applications and Products), first, you need to create a new role for this. Copy the role from SAP_SCM_FCS_PLN_STD_2 - DP Planner Standard Role – go to Authorization tab Page – Select Change Authorization data and then follow the below-given procedure…
  2. Click Manually as well as Sign Button; enter Authorization Object as S_TCODE & S_RS_AUTH.
  3. Go to "Manually- Cross-application Authorization Objects - AAAB",  then Expand "Transaction Code Check at Transaction Start", in that under Manually Transaction Code Check at Transaction Start next to transaction code (Tech Name- TCD) enter "/SAPAPO/SDP94, SU53'.
  4. Expand “Manually Business Information Warehouse RS” and then change BW Analysis Authorizations – Na to (Tech Name- BIAUTH) 0BI_ALL.
  5. Later expand “APO Authorization Objects (APO)”
  6. Go to APO 3.0 Authorization Object: Selection in Planning Area (C_APO_SEL2) and enter the values for -
  • Activity - 03, 16
  • Name of DP and SNP Planning Area - xxxx
  • Planning Book - for which PB you want to give access to user
  • Selection ID - Enter all Selecting ID, for which you want to give access
  • Planning Version - Planning Version
  1. Now you need to repeat step four for the APO 3.0 Authorization Object: Selection in Planning Area (C_APO_SEL3).
  2. It’s time to maintain authorization Object for Planning Version – Repeat in a similar way for APO Authorization Object: Planning Versions (C_APO_VERS).
  3. If you want to give change authorization to change the Key Figure value, then maintain the auth object Maintained APO 3.0 Authorization Object: SDP Functions(C_APO_FUN)
  • Activity - 03 16
  • Data View - Data view of Planning Book
  • Planning Book - Planning Book
  • Maintained APO 3.0 Authorization Object - SDP Functions (C_APO_FUN)
  • Demand Planning and Supply Network - APO_FUNC & select C_SELCTION, C_SELORG, S_BOOK
  • Name of DP and SNP Planning Area - Name of Planning Area: APO_PAREA
  1. Now you need to assign this role to set of User ID's, check in Planning Book whether the selection is working or not. Check SU53 in Planning Book, if it asks to maintain some more authorization Objects.

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