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SAP ME (Manufacturing Execution) Interview Questions and Answer

Updated May 18, 2018

1. What is ME (SAP Manufacturing Execution) System?

Ans: Manufacturing Execution System is a very effective, large and complex application which handles a company's manufacturing unit. Within MES Software one doesn't require any cookie cutter. Every system involving this application is used to specially built and personalized for  particular applications.

2. What MES Software can Facilitate?

Ans: This softaware provide a facility to keep a check on its manufacturing processes within an organisation. One can track all the process from raw material, ingredients dimension analysis to final outcome in form of output. One can monitor its labor to production reports with this MES Software. It provides a detailed analysis or measurement reports of its all the processes. For more efficiency one can use this MES software along with the organisation's other reporting system applications like, BPM (Business Process Management) and ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning).

3. Can MES Software fit to Every Manufacturer?

Ans: MES software is very complicated, mingled and diversed and it can be personalized or configured for particular manifacturing status and situation. It can be different for every manufacturing unit. For Example; an electronics production company can not hold the similar MES software which a Bottled or conserved Food Production Company uses. Every manufacturing holds the varied functionalities of their own so they need different application to fulfill their requirements. And MES Software Applications can be personalized and customized as per the various manufacturing units through its add-ons, layer applications and custom codes based on their demands or specifications.

4. What are the Main Benefits of Using MES Software for a Corporation or Manufacturer?

Ans: Cost Saving: One can analyse the cost reduction in every process by using this software. It can maintain or monitor a corporation's all the processes from raw material delivery to final outcome in form of product till its packing.

Time Saving: Using MES Software a corporation can save its time by doing everything in new ways within less time.

Increase Productivity: If a corporation is completing its process before the time then there will be a resultant increment in productivity.

5. How One Can Search for the Right MES Software Vendor?

Ans: One can search for the right MES Software Vendor by following steps:

1. Communicate with Industry Analysts or Experts.

2. Keep Reading regarding all the MES Vendors and check for their client lists if it matches with yours then contact them over their given contact details.

3. Seek for the bids and go for that which is best suited to your requirements or specifications.

4. Also monitor or seek for the reviews of their previous handled clients if they were satisfied or not.

6. What are the Key things One should be Careful About while Deploying MES Strategy?

Ans: 1. First he should know his requirements that he want to be fulfill with that particular MES Strategy.

2. One should have a good idea about his production equipments and hardware within his corporation to get a right and detailed anlysis report from that particular MES strategy.

3. You must be aware that every MES software Vendor claim is not for you. Before doing this you must be known that if they are going to fulfill your requirements or not.

4. You should keep it in mind that before signing the contract you must clear about the responsibilities of MES Software Vendor.

5. Keep everything in written as its an on going process from purchasing to after sales.