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SAP ME (Manufacturing Execution)

Definition or Meaning - What is SAP ME?

Full form or SAP ME stands for (Manufacturing Execution), is a powerful tool for managing all the operations of a shop floor. It is basically used for monitoring and configuring all the ongoing activities on the floor of a company, by leveraging the benefits of SAP technology and real-time information. This SAP module follows a loop of activities involving various tasks such as routing, controlling and integration of SAP components with the native equipments of a manufacturing environment.

Across the enterprise, the tools of SAP (ME) provide transparent visibility of operational tasks to help users take informed and efficient decisions on the spot. It delivers the right decisions at the right time, with an appropriate sequence of workflow in an organization. With the aid of manufacturing execution system (MES), the productivity of any enterprise can be increased and the costs decreased manifold, especially if the power of applications is used in an accurate way. It creates an ideal condition for the working environment by tracing all the actions of the SAP products in use, thereby reducing the troubleshoot time. The resources and assets of the company can be utilized in a much better way and thus, leads to more profits for user organizations.

SAP Manufacturing Execution Courses

The course for the manufacturing execution system provides an in-depth acknowledgement of the processes on the floor of any organization. Various production processes can be being monitored on a strict and regular basis by having adequate knowledge of SAP Manufacturing Execution processes. The course provides for adequate training in the field of SAP Manufacturing Execution--tools, techniques and basic fundamentals alike.

The contents for this course include:

  • Acknowledgement of all the advantages and main features of SAP MES.
  • Fundamentals and use of product master data in SAP ME.
  • Setting up and running of time-based and discrete components that are traceable during the assembling of products.
  • Activation of production processes and transactions in the area of production management.
  • Ways of creating 3D visualizations in the SAP Visual Enterprise environment.
  • Monitoring of touch screen dashboards and tools equipment for the development of products on the floor.
  • Maintenance of online data for all production activities on the floor.
  • Checking of the standards of products being manufactured and the creation of logs for the errors being committed.
  • Ways of sampling different items.
  • Creating various hit and trial methods for various manufacturing processes, on the basis of report results.
  • Reviewing product history with the help of SAP Business Objects.
  • Acknowledgement of the basic concepts of SAP ME integration.

Scope and Opportunity of SAP ME Course

Candidates conversant with the curriculum of a course in SAP ME can ensure that the product is being designed at the right time, with the right pace. After going through the various modules of the course, they can provide real-time data for the better productivity of the organization. These days, companies aim at getting services that give them an apt report for the analysis of the work done in their places. To ensure transparency, accuracy and achieve the controlled system in a company, SAP-based organizations are in need of executives for managing their manufacturing execution systems with flair. Aspirants can go for professional level training through prior work experience in the same field.

Become a Certified SAP ME Consultant

A certification in this field is provided after the practical implementation of gained knowledge by the candidate. His/ her expertise is measured in accordance with the quality of standard products and the performance of specified tasks.

Essential Qualification Required for the Course

Candidate aspiring for a course in this field must have a thorough knowledge of relevant manufacturing industries and the ways in which the loop goes on for the manufacturing of any product. The consultant profile requires a sound knowledge of all the key contents of the course.