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SAP Project Manager Module Course, Fees, Career and Certification

Updated May 18, 2018

SAP Project Manager Course

The person aspiring for the post of a project manager in SAP must possess all the related skills and qualities to qualify for a certification in the same. By gaining the required cut-off score and getting a grasp over the basic material prepared by the SAP Project Manager Module, an aspirant can look forward to leveraging the many benefits of this popular SAP course.

  • The PM is enabled with the right tools required for the active implementation of new projects and garners prior knowledge for a holistic approach towards application lifecycle management. In other words, the aspirant can look forward to a clear understanding of the keys that can benefit project delivery.
  • This course prepares one with the processes of identifying and implementing SAP enabling tools, as well as identifying the project type for system maintenance and enhancements.
  • The PM gets to know the key benefits of ASAP methodology and ways of integrating the same in the processes of project implementation.
  • It helps in understanding the complicated taxonomy of ASAP methodology and developing an overall approach towards Business Process Management.
  • Course takers can gauge the differences between the approaches of standard ASAP and agile ASAP methods and their methods of deployment in various projects.
  • Helps in managing the warehouse data in relation to ASAP methodologies, and states the key tasks related to the technical solution management in different phases of ASAP methodology.
  • Deals with the organization change management (OCM) in each phase of the ASAP methodology. It introduces professionals to the architecture of SAP Net Weaver and all its functionalities.
  • Overall, successful completion of the course helps in running SAP efficiently, with all the SAP enabling tools in place.

Scope and Opportunity of SAP Project Manager

There is an indispensable requirement for a project manager in every department of SAP because it is not possible for a single person to manage the whole manpower effectively. The salary packages for a SAP PM are quite high and keep on increasing with time and upgrade in his/ her levels of SAP knowledge. A certified professional may put his/ her skills to use in any particular field or overlook the working of diverse project teams, as and when required.

Become a Certified SAP Project Manager Consultant

A person is rated as a certified SAP PM by becoming a “SAP Certified Associate Project Manager”, a post that verifies the overall knowledge of the candidate with regards to the implementation of standard applications. The testing of advanced business tools and methodologies is done through an exam that lasts for 180 minutes and consists of 80 questions in total. The exam is conducted in English (only) for all aspiring candidates.

Basic Qualifications Required for the Course

The aspirant must have the experience of handling real life scenarios linked with SAP projects. Before being certified, a PM has to qualify for some SAP specific tools such as ASAP, Solution Manager, and so forth. Apart from these, no major qualifications are required for the course.