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SAP xMII (Manufacturing Integration and Intelligence) Facts, Benefits and Architecture

30 Jan 2015 4:19 pm || 0

SAP xMII - often referred to as SAP Xapp manufacturing integration or intelligence, is considered as an integral part of xApps. It is a popular SAP AG product in the Net weaver suite. It lays focus upon and is specifically designed to cater to a wide range of industries and applications. Appropriately supporting SAP’s technology to the hilt, SAP xMII skillfully adapts the same to different manufacturing technologies.

This sub-module of SAP EAM (Enterprise Asset Management)(UD3) had come into existence in the year 2005. It is generally used for linking the shop floor system through ERP and then providing intranet portals for streamlining enhanced floor /plant applications with the systems. All these processes are conducted on a real-time basis and help organizations track their production modules and estimate all incurred losses/profits.

SAP xMII also supports web server patterns and technologies for extracting data sources. It then helps in aggregating the data on the server, changing or transforming the same to align with the context of specific businesses, personalizing for better experiences, and then delivering reliable results to end-users.

How does SAP xMII Work?

SAP xMII operates as the bidirectional hub for the data that is connecting to the shop floor and the system of MES. It uses SAP ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) techniques for bringing transparency to the processes of production. At the beginning, this sub-module had a clear goal of concentrating on manufacturing operations and also impacting certain areas in the departments of Sales, Marketing, Finance, Quality Management and Purchase.

Adept in handling production data integration and the technology of intelligence which was developed out of the same, recent SAP MII techniques and architecture are an ideal situation for the SAP portfolio. They allow the efficient handling of and association with leading providers like SPS and HMI. This SAP EAM sub module also encourages configurable interfaces via simple and straight plug-play options.

SAP MII Options and Facts

SAP xMII is based on SAP Net weaver (Java) which is a highly flexible and scalable platform in the contemporary IT scenario. It is one of the central interfaces of information and ensures that reliable and accurate data related to manufacturing and production processes are visible in real time. This includes information or facts related to materials, orders, status of machines, costs and production, and the quality of manufactured products as well. This SAP component is especially useful when connected with available manufacturing systems and controls, PDA/MDA terminals, scanners, touch screens and some other devices on the mobile. Thereafter, all relevant information or the data source/data receivers are networked without any unwanted gaps.

Benefits of SAP xMII

  • Quicker time-to-value integration of SAP ERP to the infrastructure of the plant floor;
  • Higher asset utilization via shared and continuous improvement processes;
  • Monitoring of production personnel and measuring/ controlling their Key Performance Indicators for giving superior manufacturing performances;
  • Reduced TCO 3 - 5X with the productized integration of all plant systems with SAP;
  • Creation of lean composite applications with xMII as a platform;
  • Assurance of real-time communication and so forth.

Architecture of SAP MII

SAP xMII is optimized for advanced use in specific industries and can effectively provide solutions for varied parts, on a one-to-one basis also. The architectural model of SAP MII is given below