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SAP FS-BA (Bank Analyzer)

Definition - What is SAP Bank Analyzer (FS-BA)?

Though there are many bank management solutions available these days, none of them have been as successful as the SAP Bank Analyzer. A powerful bank management solution in itself, this popular SAP component has been designed and created by SAP AG, by incorporating numerous SAP modules. Different layers have been used in this design, and these layers are responsible for encompassing the data within. The SAP Bank Analyzer (BA) tool also incorporates a wide range of functionality for the analysis of data, which in turn makes resulting solutions quite useful in analyzing different banking scenarios.

The main purpose of this Bank Analyzer from SAP is to offer an integrated facility for the storage of data. Here, the data categories include both results data and source data. This facility offers the right platforms for the calculation as well as the measurement of different financial elements, on a regular basis.

SAP Bank Analyzer Courses

The Bank Analyzer of SAP is also a part of the IFRA (Integrated Finance & Risk Architecture) from SAP. This SAP course helps professionals linked with the managerial levels to evaluate as well as to measure diverse financial products. It is the robust performance and high-reliability quotient of SAP Bank Analyzer that places it among the top solutions that meet the requirements of IAS (International Accounting Standards), RAPM (Risk Adjusted Performance Management), and Basel II alike.

In general, the course includes an overview of the architecture of SAP Bank Analyzer, understanding of SDL or Source Data Layer, RDL or Result Data Area, AFI or Accounting for Financial Instruments, Credit Risk Management, and SAP Profitability Analysis.

Become a Certified SAP Bank Analyzer Consultant

Once you become an SAP Bank Analyzer consultant, a host of opportunities open up for you. There are plenty of financial companies and banks looking towards recruiting fresh/ experienced SAP certified Bank Analyzer consultants, wherein their prime responsibilities encompass the framing of strategies/solutions for overcoming the issues faced by customers; an analysis of client business requirements; and the designing of blueprints for their IT-supported business processes.

Scope and Opportunity of a Career in SAP Bank Analyzer

It is the open modular framework of Bank Analyzer that makes it so productive and efficient for banking purposes. As the steady implementation of this solution (into the existing system) is absolutely possible, without the risk or possibility of coming across any kind of technical hassles, SAP BA is fast becoming an important resource for many.

The courses related to this SAP module offers an instant and regular view of the data related to a bank’s operations, thereby making it easy for aspirants to process valuable data easily, and without wasting any time. In other words, those certified for this course can help banks keep their present risk and financial information up to date; which is an essential requirement in today’s highly competitive banking environment. As raw and processed information is considered as the vital requirement for making strategic decisions, many banks and financial institutions are now incorporating SAP Bank Analyzer into their system. Similarly, there are many companies or service providers who employ SAP BA consultants for the implementation of the same.

Basic Qualifications Required for the Course

The basic eligibility criteria for pursuing SAP Bank Analyzer course are the following:

  • At least 2 years of working experience in the analytical arena of the banking industry;
  • Basic knowledge of Information Technology in the Banking Industry;
  • Overview of SAP 01 through classroom training or SAP 01E through e-learning;
  • Knowledge of the implementation of ASAP 7.1.