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“pip install unroll”: “python egg_info” failed with error code 1

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“pip install unroll”: “python egg_info” failed with error code 1

Generally user treat this error as bug which is totally a misunderstanding because this is a windows operating system issue/ module installation issue, which occured because of permission error, where pip is not allowed to write to a specific directory/ respective directories.

As pip uses 2.7+ version by default but your system uses both Python2.7+ and 3.5+ versions. where as some libraries rely on the 3.5+ version.

Error can also indicate that you are not using python 2.7 because arches only works with Python 2.7.x. This type of error normally occurs when you run python2 code in python3.

How to fix this error:

To fix this error you can try any of following 4 different solutions:


You can resolve this issue by making some changes in concerened directory path or you can try lower versions of python than versions 3.5/2.0.


You need to configure your pip to use 3.5+ version because pip uses 2.7+ version by default, using following command:

sudo python3 -m pip install aio http version


Somtimes this issue can be solved just by unstalling the sudo.


By using the following command:

#Install Setuptools
sudo apt-get install python-setuptools

#Install Python dev Module
sudo apt-get install python-dev

#Install Python pip
sudo apt install python-pip