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Creating planned independent requirement with "Create order"

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Creating planned independent requirement with "Create order"

The function "Create order" is called in the detailed scheduling planning board. A negative figure is entered in the quantity field in the respective dialog box. The function then creates a planned independent requirement.
No message is issued. There is no entry in the planning log. However, the planned independent requirement is only visible in the detailed scheduling planning board if an order chart or network view chart is displayed for orders.

It should not be possible to create planned independent requirements using the specified function in the detailed scheduling planning board, as they may not be displayed. To avoid resulting problems, the option to create requirements has been excluded.
This correction is contained in APO 4.0 Support Package 8 and cannot be implemented completely automatically since a new message must be created and the interface of a function module must be extended.
It is therefore best to implement this correction with the corresponding Support Package.

If you need to implement the correction in an earlier Support Package, proceed as follows:

1. Start transaction SE91, select the message class /SAPAPO/RRP and create the new message no 192 with the following message short text:
Negative receipt quantity not allowed; enter a positive value.

2. Add an import parameter to the interface of the function module /SAPAPO/RRP_ORDER_CREATE_DIALO:
To do this, start transaction SE37.
Change to the tab title (Tab-Strip) IMPORT and attach the parameter with the following values
Parameter name Typing Reference type Default value Optional

3. Finally, implement the attached correction instructions.


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