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SAP Customer Checkout

Updated Jun 27, 2018

How to Download SAP Customer Checkout?

SAP Customer Checkout is a standard SAP product and can be downloaded from the Service Market Place (SMP).

For Business One partners, the product is linked to Demo Materials 7002350 and 7002350 (Demo License for SAP Business One). Hence each partner who is linked to the demo materials, can also download SAP Customer Checkout from the SMP for demo and test purpose. For productive use, the customers/partners need to buy license of-course. The license fee is per device (example 10 device would need 10 license).

What other software/hardware requirements are need to use SAP Customer Checkout?

SAP Customer Checkout 1.0 supports the following operating systems:

  • WIN XP 2002 PROF. 32-BIT
  • WIN XP 2002 PROF. 64-BIT
  • WINDOWS 7 32-BIT
  • WINDOWS 7 64-BIT
  • WINDOWS 8 32-BIT
  • WINDOWS 8 64-BIT

Hardware: 1.8 GHZ processor and 2 GB RAM is minimum recommended.

Pre-requisite software: ORACLE (SUN) JSE 7.0 (JAVA)

Web-Browser: Google Chrome