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ERP and SAP ME Integration via POIT & POIM T-codes

Updated May 20, 2018

Is it possible to use the current integration between ERP and SAP ME via the transactions POIT and POIM incase the improved integration is activated?


If the user has switched on the improved integration between ERP and SAP by activating the business function LOG_PP_MES_INT_02, then the user can distribute routings, production orders, work centers, planned orders, and goods movements by utilizing the Data Replication Framework (DRF) to an SAP ME. 

The distribution of the master data is performed out via the transaction DRFOUT, the distribution of the transaction data is automatically executed when it is due and appropriate. 

A parallel usage of the transaction POIT for the distribution of production orders and planned orders to the same ME system is not appropriate because when distributing using transaction POIT the relevant statuses are not set up in the documents. Additionally, the transaction POIT only supports the current IDoc base types LOIPRO01 and LOIPLO01. The additional fields and segments of the IDoc types LOIPRO02, LOIPRO03, and LOIPLO02 are not supplied when distributing utilizing the transaction POIT. Therefore, the system then shows an error message when the user tries to use the transaction POIT manly for distributing the documents to the same ME for which the user has already set up the appropriate DRF replication models.

The same is applicable for the distribution of work centers and routings via transaction POIM. If the user uses the transaction POIM for supplying an ME system which is already being supplied via the relevant DRF distribution models, in case of master data changes the user unhinge the logic for the change pointer that the DRF writes.

However, it is still possible to use the transactions POIT and POIM for a system, for which no DRF has been set up. The appropriate filter criteria in DRF are a prerequisite for the user to send some of his documents and master data to an ME system via DRF and to send some others "the classic way" to another ME system via POIT and POIM.