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Error Related To Time Evaluation

If you want to solve the error related to time evaluation which also relates “No Work Center Data” you have only one solely possibility .i.e. you would have to delete all the inconsistent entries.

For this, first of all you have to use report RPUP2D10 to delete all records directly or you have to use report RPUP2Doo to delete all the records one by one so that the worker affected. Eventually, IF you want to recalculate all your correct entries you have got to begin RPTIMEoo. IF you want to verify that whether there is invalid information in the employee’s B2 cluster you can confirm it by using the transaction PT66.

Mostly you would have to establish the inconsistency after you run report RPCLSTB1 for the private number and to check the tables NCT and ERT for most of the improper entries .Commonly it might be possible to correct this deleting the cluster knowledge for the private variety and for cluster B1, and then you have you have to review the report documentation.

If you want to check the records that you would like to delete later you have to run RPUP1Doo first in display mode. Besides this you will even have to appear to look whether there are inaccurate entries in cluster B2. You would be able to use the above reports.

At last you would have to the T Code PUoo for this case, Then you have to go to Puoo transaction, you have to choose “C2B2-Clusters B2” to rerun the PT60 from the actual date of hiring.

I hope this will clear all your issue related to time evaluation error .