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How to use Impat /Expat Process?

Updated May 18, 2018

If you want to know how to use Impat/Expat process you would have to use MGE (Management of Global Employees).

While using MGE, You ought to retain or maintain three extra action types:

1) First of all of you have to plan the Global Assignment.

2) After than you have to activate Host EE

3) And at last you have to activate Home EE

After all the info type records .i.e. 0702, 0703, 0704,0705,0706,0707,0708,0710,0715 must be maintained by you .While you will be working on the same for SAP NETWEAVER, the commission period .i.e. the host country status would be remain active and the status of the home country must be withdrawn, after the completion of the commission period the home country status will be activated and the status of the host country would likely to be completed.

  You must remember while performing the task that you will get MGA along with the PA, you need not purchase it distinctly; it is one of the functionality of PA. And you have another option with sit; if you don’t want to use you can go for country reassignment action.

While using the country reassignment section you ought to conclude from your company whether they ought to run the payroll from both the countries of the required employees. If you want to perform these tasks like this only you would have to save all the records as active of both the home and host. Alternatively you would have to save the record of home as withdrawn and the status of the host as active.

So by using this article you would be able to use Impat/Expat Process.