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Fix Auto-Scrolling in Problem PC/Laptop

Auto scrolling down or scrolling up is one most irritating issues we face on our laptop computer. This is a common problem which occurs due to single or multiple faulty keys on our laptop's keyboard.

Scroll Down or Up Error

When any particular key becomes faulty it may be getting pressed automatically by itself (laptop). Therefore, we need to figure out the faulty key and disable that particular problematic key. This is the best way to resolve this auto-scrolling issue on your system.

Follow the steps below:

First, you need to test your keyboard to find the problematic key that is causing this issue.

To do that search for Keyboard Tester Tool online and open it.

Keyboard tester

Next in the keyboard tester window click the Launch the Tester button.

Launch Keyboard tester

Now check your keyboard and identify the problematic key, you will notice that the faulty key will automatically be clicked.

Identify Problematic Key

Once you know which of your key was responsible for the issue.

Go back to the google search bar and search for Keytweak software


Download and Install the Keytweak software

Download & Install Keytweak

Once installed, open the software

Select the problematic key and then click the Disable key button to disable it.

Disable the Key

Now click the Apply button to save the changes made.

Apply the changes

Allow the computer to Restart, once your computer is rebooted you will notice the problem is resolved.

Re-start your system

Note: you will not be able to use the key you disabled on your system. You can enable it again if required.