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Across the globe, almost every programmer uses JavaScript to develop dynamic and interactive web content, such as applications and browsers. JavaScript is a dynamic programming language that helps users develop and initialize web applications, web development, game development, and many more.

It allows users to execute dynamic features on web pages that programmers cannot do with only HTML and CSS. JavaScript is the most widely used programming language worldwide, with an estimated percentage of 97.0% (an approx percentage of usage as a client-side programming language by all websites).

This tutorial will discuss JavaScript and its different use cases and advantages.

What is JavaScript?

JavaScript (JS) is an object-based, dynamic scripting programming language. This programming language allows users to create complex interactive features on web pages. It is lightweight and cross-platform.

JavaScript (JS)works on client side ie user browser.

Using JavaScript, programmers can create dynamic web pages. Before JavaScript, developers built web pages only with HTML and CSS.

JavaScript is an interpreted programming language having object-oriented features. These were the only source for developing static pages.

Users can style these web pages but cannot interact aside from hyperlinks. The most widely used websites developers created using JavaScript are YouTube, Google, and Facebook.

Features of JavaScript:

JavaScript lets developers implement features like:

  • Users can either show or hide menus or sensitive information
  • Using JavaScript, users can add hover effects
  • Using JavaScript, users can create image galleries in a carousel layout
  • Zooming in or zooming out on the images is also possible using JavaScript
  • JavaScript adds audio or video on any web page
  • Using JavaScript, users can add animations
  • Users can create hamburger-style menus and drop-downs.

Where is JavaScript used?

Brendan Eich is the creator of JavaScript. He designed this programming language to eradicate the limitation of static pages on the web. The reason behind the creation of this programming language is as follows:

  • Web development:Users can commonly use JavaScript for creating web pages. It helps them to add dynamic properties and other features with special effects to the webpage.
  • Game:Programmers often found JavaScript to be the most versatile and flexible programming language that allows the creation of games of different kinds.
    It has distinct frameworks and libraries for developing a game. The game can either be two-dimensional or three-dimensional.
  • Web applications:JavaScript gained popularity for developing robust web applications.
  • Dynamic pages:Before JavaScript's inception, users could not interact with pages.
  • Presentations:JavaScript also allows users to develop presentations as a website. Programmers can use libraries, such as RevealJs and BespokeJs, and build a web-based slide deck.
  • Web Servers:Using Node.js, developers can create web servers. The servers developers create using Node.js are fast and do not use buffering and transfer fragments of data.

Advantages of JavaScript:

The advantages of using JavaScript are:

  • Fast Speed:Due to its fast speed, a programmer can efficiently execute code in a web browser in its native language compared to the code execution on the server.
  • JS makes less server interaction:Users can validate their input before transmitting the page to the server. It saves server traffic, which conveys a narrower load on the server.
  • Immediate feedback to the visitors:They don't have to wait for a page reload to see if they have forgotten to enter something.
  • Autocomplete:JavaScript helps save users from manually inserting their email addresses each time they go for an online form.
  • Increased interactivity:Developers can develop interfaces with various effects, such as effects on hovering and showing a drop-down list after users click on the drop-down list button. It will react when any user hovers over the element on the web page with their mouse or triggers them through their keyboard.
  • More prosperous interfaces:Using JavaScript, users can create a sound user-interactive interface where the web page includes such elements as drag-and-drop features and sliders to give a rich user interface to the website visitors.

Future of Javascript

As far as programming is concerned, JavaScript is the present and the near future of programming.

JavaScript is referred to as the native language of the web, and the web is expanding at a very rapid pace because of this. JavaScript is receiving a huge amount of attention from developers who are consistently trying to improve its performance and also aiming at expanding its functionality.

As per TIOBE Index for February 2018 for popular programming language JavaScript ranks as the 8th most popular programming language amongst the Developer community.

Hello World on Javascript

JavaScript programs can also be inserted in any part of an HTML document along with the help of the <script> tag.

For Example:

<!DOCTYPE HTML><html><body><p>Before the script...</p><script>alert( 'Hello, world!' );</script><p>...After the script.</p></body></html>


Whether a programmer or a developer wants to specialize in front-end, back-end, or full-stack development, JavaScript is the most fundamental programming language for a web developer. Without JavaScript, users would not have the chance to develop a dynamic and user-interactive web page.

We hope this article has catered to all points on JavaScript, its use cases, and its various advantages.


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