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Job Profile & Salary Package for APO Consultant

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Job Profile & Salary Package for APO Consultant

SAP APO certification opens gateway of opportunities towards high paid jobs. In India the places that offer good salaries are Calcutta, Chennai and Noida. The job profiles are of SAP APO consultant, senior consultant, Associate manager and chief manager.


8 out of 10,000 professionals in India have expertization in SAP APO. The demand is increasing and thus freshers are also getting huge attention in this field. The companies that look for freshers are Infosys, Mind tree, Bristlecone and IBM. The average package a fresher gets is about 5.38 l p.a

The top paying companies are IBM, Accenture, and ITC infotech. Experienced personnel with about 7+ years of experience can fetch salaries from the range of 11.6 to 38 lac p.a. the companies pay an average rate of 13% of bonuses to its employees after the additional year of experience.

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