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Logistics Information System Interview Questions


1) Updates terminate in LIS. What am I required to do?

There can be multiple reasons which lead to updates in terminations:

  • Post a successful transport (see SAP docs 136303 and 309335)
  • The V3 update ends (see SAP doc 339691)
  • After a client transport or copy. (see SAP doc 99507 - the error may not occur immediately)
  • Error M2 022 during the update of (transfer) information structures with a connection to BW (see SAP docs 115192 and 334612)
  • Can be because of a deadlock (see SAP doc 385372)
  • Due to a faulty transport: see question 2

2) What all should be considered when transporting objects in LIS?

For more detailed information, the user can refer to the SAP reference IMG under Logistics --> Logistics Information System (LIS) --> Logistics Data Warehouse in the document "Technical information about the transport of LIS objects", along with the SAP docs 37845 and 50237. Incorrect and incomplete transports can even cause update terminations and this can further lead to a deterioration in the production system particularly. The transport logs should be thoroughly checked. Using the search terms MCIN (information structures), MC_UPDATE (update rules) and MCUA (update activation/parameter), the user can look for SAP docs about the transport of these LIS objects.

3) What should I do when in the update program, the number of update records with the INIT collective run status increases.

With the V3 update (collective run), a job has to be programmed (transaction MC3V in LIS or function V3 control or job control in the Customizing Cockpit (LBWE)) primarily for triggering the update. Update terminations can take place which lead to the collective run to terminate, or the transport of a change to the update activation of the V3 update was inappropriate.

4) For archiving in LIS, Which SAP docs are available?

Composite SAP doc 207239 comprises of a list of all SAP docs for archiving statistical data in the information structures (MC_Snnn archiving object) or in the selection versions (MC_SELVS).