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Maintain Supply Chain Unit in Embedded EWM

In this tutorial, you will learn the step-by-step procedures to maintain the supply chain units in the SAP system.

A Supply Chain Unit is an organizational unit (physical location) such as shipping points or warehouse. Supply chain unit (SCU) in Embedded EWM contains geographical data, address data, time zone, etc.

Uses of Supply Chain Units

  • SCU manages all the supply chain functions of an organizations 
  • User can create supply chain unit for Plant or Warehouse 
  • It is assigned to business attributes of Warehouse, Goods Receipt Office, Shipping Office, etc.

How to Maintain Supply Chain Unit in Embedded EWM?

Please follow the steps below to a create supply chain unit in SAP embedded EWM:

In the SAP Easy Access screen follow the following SAP menu path:

SAP Easy Access > SAP Menu -> Logistics -> SCM Extended Warehouse Management -> Extended Warehouse Management EWM -> Master Data -> Maintain Supply Chain Unit

SAP Menu Path

On the Supply Chain Unit screen, enter the following details:

  • Supply Chain Unit: Enter a unique key for the new supply chain unit 
  • Type: Select the supply unit display type

SCU type

Once all the details are entered click the Create button.


Next, enter the short description for the new supply chain unit.


No on the next screen, under General the tab enter the following details 

  • Alternative Key
  • Geographical data
  • Partner
  • Administration



Now go to the Address tab, and enter the following address details:

  • Name
  • Search Terms
  • Sreet Address
  • PO Box Address
  • Communication


Now go to the Alternative tab and click on Add Role icon to assign the business attributes to the supply chain unit.

Add role

Now you need to maintain the required business attributes for the supply chain unit. so enter the following

  • Business Attributes
  • Description

Bussiness Attributes

Next, click the Save button to save all the details.


you will get a message Data Saved on your screen

Data saved

Note: You can create multiple business attributes, for that press Enter when one business attribute is created and click Add role button 

You have successfully maintained a new supply chain unit in the SAP S/4Hana system.