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Oracle SQL

Definition - What is SAP Oracle SQL?

In the SAP server technology, a database server plays the most vital role. The amount of task involved in managing the Oracle database greatly depends on the workload and the size of this server. SAP supplies many database administration tools and BRTools in the standard SAP system package, thereby facilitating businesses to manage their Oracle database much easier. Companies can manage Oracle SQL database utilizing the following BRTools for their database administration.

  • BRSPACE - This tool can be utilized for database startup and even shut down, recreation of the database, table reorganization, management of data encryption, index rebuilds, management of flashback database and other functions.
  • BRCONNECT - Updates statistics, adapts next extent, performs database system check, and offers several additional features.
  • BRBACKUP. BRARCHIVE - Backup and verification of SQL database and offline redo log documents are possible through this component of SAP Oracle SQL.
  • BRRECOVER - Involves database restoration, recovery and also disaster recovery.

SAP Oracle SQL Courses

Aspirants can attain knowledge and skills allied to SAP Oracle SQL sub-modules by understanding and getting the varied curriculum of SAP Oracle SQL courses. These courses are especially helpful for those desiring to make their career as an Oracle SQL Developer, Data Analyst, and Application Support Analyst.

  • The SAP-Oracle SQL course covers the fundamental relational database model, the physical database, and the Oracle Architecture.
  • Knowledge of creation of the table, types of SQL statements, constraints, keys and DML statements.
  • Learning about logical database objects, select statements, security and much more.
  • Using DML statements, DQL statements, DDL statements, and logical operators.
  • The course is intended for programmers and those who have had prior relational and SQL database experience.
  • Aspirants can gain knowledge on various essential tools such as the SQL plus, Oracle Enterprise Manager, SQL plus worksheet and more.

Scope and Opportunity of a Career in SAP Oracle SQL

SAP Oracle SQL is among the most in-demand technologies and finds amazing applications in Database design, ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), data warehousing, intricate functions of business intelligence, and so on. With the growing variety of SAP oracle SQL usage, opting for this course can help professionals attain higher success in the IT field. The certifications in this course are amongst the most sought-after and extremely respected credentials in the field of information technology, especially in the database domain. SAP Oracle SQL certified IT professionals are amid the highest paid employees. A certification in this course comes with added job security and a lucrative career graph.

With Oracle Developer or proficient DBA knowledge, MCA/BCA or even B.E/B.Tech graduates can find great opportunities as software engineers in renowned and reputed firms, for managing several databases allied projects. There is a great demand for both experienced professionals as well as freshers in the domain of Oracle and SAP, and their figures are increasing with each passing day.

Become a Certified SAP Oracle SQL Consultant

SAP applies the most fundamental knowledge of aspirants in context to Oracle database administration. Certification in the field proves that the aspirant is well equipped with SAP Oracle SQL skills and is proficient enough to implement the same in real life projects. This certification paves the path for a profitable career in the IT field. The corresponding exam is in the multiple choice format. Aspirants appearing for this certification exam must be well versed with the basic fundamentals as well as other aforesaid aspects covered by the course.

Basic Qualifications needed for the Course

Candidates aspiring for certification in SAP Oracle SQL must be a graduate from a recognized technological university, and possess a degree, preferably related to computer science or IT field. It is essential to have fundamental computer knowledge as well as some computing background in database programming languages.