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SAP Point-of-Sale (POS) Data Management (DM)

Definition -What is SAP POS-DM ?

Full form or SAP PoSDM stands for (Point of Sale Data Management), the integrated tool of SAP Point of Sale (POS) Data Management is used to receive, review, process and analyze transactional data from business stores. It leads to positive improvements in decision making, at every life stage of a business enterprise. All information pertaining to business stores is available with the tools and integrated features of SAP applications, thereby making it essential for relevant departments to look for experts in the fields of SAP Point of Sale (POS) Data Management and other allied areas of concern.

With this system in place, data has only one entry point to pass through and allows users to get access to enriched and defined information, before the integration or compilation of any kind of data. The integral parts of SAP POS DM include POS Inbound Processing Engine and Analytics, along with diverse sub parts as POS Analytics and POS Analytics data supply.

Features of SAP POS DM are given as below:

  • Accurate transmission of payment from card details to different card companies.
  • Configuration of data for any duplicity, and deletion of all the errors affecting the formation of an ideal system.
  • Reliable processing of transactional data for sales monitoring.
  • Integration of transactional data, thereby making it usable in the SAP Net Weaver Business Intelligence package for more informed analysis.
  • Efficient point of sales distribution, for better cleaning and maintenance of data.
  • Evaluation of the effectiveness of promotions.
  • Rapid implementation of business processes for reducing the cost of ownership.

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