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Python String Length len()

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Python String Length len()

How to get the Length of String in Python?

We can use len() function in order Length of string in Python.

Parameter of len() - A list is a defined set in Python.

Syntax of len() - To get the value of the number of elements in a list or length of string python, you must use the syntax len().

Return value of len() - The output prints the length of string as well as number of elements present in the list.

An example of the same would be-

len() function with string.


stringlenth = 'Hello World'
print "String Length: ",len(stringlenth)


String Length:11

len() function with list


listB, listD = [9977, 'xyz', 'sahara', 'stechies'], [459, 'pqr', 234]
print "Length of list B: ", len(listB)
print " Length of list D: ", len(listD)


Length of list B:  4
Length of list D:  3

Calculate to length of string in Python without using len() function

However, if you are interested to find the length of a string without using len() function, you can follow this example instead.


def string_length(s):   
    if s == '': return 0
    return 1 + string_length(s[1:])
len = string_length("Enter String :")
print("The length is :", len)


('The length is :', 14)

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